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Taylorsville, UT rental car accident lawyer

When you rent a car, you may be primarily focused on where you need to go. Whether the final destination is related to work or fun, liability and insurance may not be on your mind for most of your trip. Nonetheless, renting cars poses unique challenges and dangers.

You may not be familiar with the way the rental car handles, its blind spots, and its other peculiarities. Additionally, driving an unfamiliar vehicle in new areas can easily result in misjudgment that ends in an accident.

These reasons underscore why it is important to understand the liability associated with renting a car. If you have been involved in an accident with a rental car, a Utah car accident attorney with Fielding Law can help. We can aid in protecting your financial interests by helping you recover compensation for your losses.

If you have been injured in a rental car collision, contact a Fielding Law personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. You can call us at (877) 880-4090 or fill out our online form to speak with one of our attorneys about your personal injury case. We offer free initial consultations concerning personal injury law during which we explain how we can assist you as a client. Hablamos Español.

Actions You Can Take Before Driving the Rental

It is best to examine the rental vehicle for any damage before you drive off with it. Ensure that an employee first makes a note of scratches, dents, and issues with the interior. 

It’s also an excellent precautionary measure to take pictures for your own records. Such documentation can be crucial if the rental company blames you for damage when you return the vehicle, since the cost of repairing these damages may be billed to you. If you have photos proving the damage already existed, this can nullify the efforts of the rental company.

How to Insure a Rental Car

You may have a few options available to you to insure a rental car. Some find that they already have enough coverage with their personal auto insurance policies. Others rely on the coverage provided by their credit cards or opt for the coverage offered by the rental company.

What might your personal auto insurance provider cover?

If you own an insured motor vehicle in Utah, your auto insurance policy probably extends a measure of coverage to you while renting a car. This coverage can be applied if you are involved in a crash.

It’s wise to check with your insurance company to determine what your own insurance policy will cover. Consider: some insurance policies do not cover customers if they rent a vehicle for business if done so through your company.

Your policy will likely cover damages to the rental car. It may also help with damages that you caused to other vehicles and people involved in the collision. Such coverage could extend further than any liability coverage provided through the rental company.

There is an important element to keep in mind if you carry only the minimum insurance coverage for Utah. Your insurance will only cover personal liability. This means that it will pay other persons injured in the accident and for their property damage, but your own medical bills and damage to the rental car may not be covered. 

What about rental car coverage that a credit card may offer?

At times, a credit card company can act as a car insurance provider. This is true when the card is used to reserve and pay for the rental car. This insurance might be secondary in nature. This means that it will cover the costs for damages that extend beyond those covered by your personal insurance.

When might you choose the car rental company’s insurance?

Car rental companies make it a point to ask renters whether they want to obtain additional insurance on the vehicle they are renting. Coverage of this sort is elective. There is no obligation to purchase it if you have your own personal liability insurance.

As an additional safety net to protect yourself and the car, you may choose to purchase the added liability insurance. In the case that you do not own a car and do not carry personal insurance, you likely will need to purchase rental car insurance.

Limitations of Collision Damage Waiver

A rental car company may offer a “collision damage waiver” for an additional charge. This provision certainly has a benefit if you cause an accident. With this option, the liability coverage for damage caused to the vehicle is the responsibility of the rental car company.

However, there is an important disadvantage. This type of insurance does not typically provide coverage of your own medical bills.

Understanding Rental Company Liability

In most instances, a rental company is not held liable for damages caused by an accident of their renters. Yet, at times there can be a departure from this general rule.

For example, if it can be established that a rental company was lax in the maintenance of their vehicles, this can constitute negligence. Also, if they were aware of a hazardous defect but failed to inform the customer, the rental company could be held accountable.

If you think the car rental company may have withheld crucial safety information from you, please speak to an auto accident attorney with our legal team. Fielding Law can analyze your situation and enable you to seek appropriate compensation.

Get the Right Legal Representation After a Rental Car Accident

Following an accident in Utah with a rental car, the first step to take is to get everyone the medical services they require and inform the police. Following this, it will be crucial for you to get legal assistance to establish liability.

Upon notification, your own insurance, the rental car company, and your credit card company will all immediately begin seeking to establish blame and financial accountability. We can work to make sure you are not taken advantage of during this process.

Further, if you want to file a claim against a driver or rental car company, it’s best to work with experienced auto accident attorneys. We can help determine who is liable for your injuries and make sure that all involved negligent parties are held responsible for their actions.

Get the assistance you need after an accident involving a rental car. Contact a lawyer at Fielding Law today for a free case evaluation at (877) 880-4090.