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Drunk Driving (DUI) Accident Lawyer

Fielding Law DUI Drunk Driving Lawyer

According to a recent report, almost thirty people die every day in accidents involving a drunk driver. That’s an average of one person every forty-eight minutes. Accidents that aren’t fatal can still have devastating consequences for their victims. All too often, victims of a drunk driver’s carelessness are left with life-altering injuries.

The attorneys at Fielding Law firmly believe that drunk drivers should be held responsible for the harm and devastation that they cause. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driver, you should not have to suffer financially because of someone else’s mistake. Our attorneys have decades of experience recovering maximum financial compensation for victims of drunk drivers. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your case today.  

How Does Alcohol Impair Driving Ability?

Impaired Judgement. Alcohol can cloud your judgment, leading you to make decisions you wouldn’t make if you were sober. For example, when someone is intoxicated they might choose to drive home when they are well past the legal limit, and they know that they shouldn’t be driving. They might fool themselves by reasoning, “I’m not that drunk” or, “It’s not that far”.

Good judgment is important in many aspects of driving. You need to be able to judge the distance of cars and objects in front of you in order to react in time to stop. You have to control your speed, stay in your lane and judge how to react during changes in traffic and road conditions. A driver constantly needs to be alert and aware of their surroundings. For some, this is challenging enough without being impaired by alcohol. 

If you are intoxicated you may also be more prone to distracted driving. You may take risks, such as texting and driving, that you wouldn’t if you were sober. 

Delayed reaction time. Alcohol can slow your reflexes, impairing your ability to react swiftly to changing situations. Quick reaction time is imperative to safe driving. If the vehicle in front of you comes to a sudden halt, you need to be able to rapidly process the situation and quickly brake to avoid a rear-end collision. An intoxicated driver’s delayed reaction time might impair their ability to stop for an animal that runs onto the road, or worse, a pedestrian.

Lack of coordination. Alcohol affects your motor skills, such as your hand, eye, and foot coordination. Good coordination is essential to safe driving. If you are swaying, having difficulty walking or standing upright, these are signs that you’ve had too much to drink and your coordination is impaired. 

Decreased vision. Good vision is important when driving and alcohol can have a negative impact on your vision. After drinking, your vision may become blurred and you could even lose some control of muscle eye movement. Your peripheral or side vision could also become affected, which is important because it allows you to see cars and other objects next to your vehicle. Alcohol can also make it more difficult to judge the distance between your vehicle and other cars and objects in front of you. 

Holding Drunk Drivers Responsible for their Actions

In the United States, the legal limit for alcohol consumption is a BAC (blood alcohol content) level of .08.  A person who is impaired by alcohol and gets behind the wheel is legally responsible for any damage that they cause. The charge of DUI is not limited to the consumption of alcohol, it can include any mind-altering substance that impairs a person’s driving. This can include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, other illegal drugs, and certain types of prescription drugs. 

In some cases, it’s not only the impaired driver that can be held accountable for a DUI accident. Under dram shop laws, a restaurant or bar that continues to serve a person alcohol after they are visibly intoxicated may also be held accountable if a drunk driving accident occurs. 

Also, in some circumstances, employers can be held responsible for any damage their employees cause while acting within the scope and course of their employment. For example, if a delivery driver is drunk while working and injures you, the employer may be found liable. 

What Compensation Can You Pursue In a Drunk Driving Accident Claim?

At Fielding Law, we understand that no amount of money can make up for the pain and suffering that the victim of a drunk driver feels after being injured or losing a loved one in death. Our experienced DUI attorneys will fight to hold the liable party responsible for your devastating loss.  

Some of the losses for which you may seek compensation are:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost Wages (including future wages)
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Funeral Expenses in the case of fatalities
  • Loss of Companionship

In addition to the compensatory damages listed above, in a drunk driving case, “punitive” damages may be sought as well. Punitive damages serve as punishment to a driver guilty of gross negligence and are a warning which serves to deter them and others from ever driving drunk again.

Seeking compensation after a DUI accident can pose unusual challenges, especially if the liable driver is facing criminal charges. Our attorneys have many years of experience successfully representing victims of drunk drivers. We will help you navigate the legal complexities of your case and communicate with the insurance companies involved. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a DUI Accident please, contact us today for a free consultation.