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About Us

Fielding Law – Auto Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys

At Fielding Law, we focus exclusively on auto accident and personal injury cases.  We take pride in our particular area of expertise and our team’s ability to perform well.  We dedicate the time needed to become very familiar with each and every case. Our firm knows how to effectively and aggressively deal with insurance companies of all types.

Although most cases settle prior to trial, if required or beneficial, we at Fielding Law also have the skills necessary to advocate on behalf of our clients at trial.  Whether you were in a car accident or were personally injured, our injury attorneys are the legal experts you deserve to have on your side.

Get to know us better
You have many available attorneys who will offer services to help you with your personal injury case. So, why choose us? For several reasons, all of which make us a very unique auto accident and personal injury law firm. Here are four primary reasons why you should consider Fielding Law

Direct access to an attorney

We offer all our clients direct, one-on-one access and contact to a licensed attorney specialized in this particular area of law.  We do not want our clients to only speak with office staff.  Many clients are dissatisfied with the assembly line approach taken by many personal injury firms.  That is not how we operate.

We value all of our clients and want each to succeed.  Best of all, our attorneys have significant experience and expertise, so in addition to receiving personalized attention, you can expect superior services and results.

Specialized Representation

We are well versed in this area of law and can provide expertise and knowledge unlike other law firms.  Do not overlook the importance of specialized knowledge.  General practitioners or inexperienced personal injury attorneys often do not have or know what it takes to effectively represent you.

At Fielding Law, we understand what it takes to effectively process clients’ claims.  If your issue presents something very specific and new to us, we will research and investigate that issue so you can rest assured you’re getting the best representation possible.

Big firm power, small firm attention

We do not take a “big firm” approach to auto accident and personal injury law.  Simply put, unlike other firms, we do not add your case to a large list of other cases and never take the time to actually get to know your particular facts and issues.  In short, we avoid the assembly line approach to practicing law.  A common response from many clients of big personal injury firms is neither they nor their case gets the required attention.  By not giving cases the attention they deserve, some firms run the high risk of causing undue delays for their clients’ cases, or even worse, prematurely accepting a low settlement just for the sake of completing a case.  At Fielding Law, we take as much time as necessary for your claim, and we process it as quickly as possible.  However, we are not willing to accept a low settlement offer when you deserve more.  We will work with the insurance companies, in a quick and efficient manner, to get you as high of compensation as we can.

The focus is on you

We will always cater to your needs and respond to all your questions.  We will keep you apprised of where we are with your case at all times.  You will never lose connection or contact with us.  Unlike other attorneys, we at Fielding Law are prompt and thorough in our responses.  You will never be in the dark.

In short, our approach to auto accident and personal injury law is unique.  You are why we are in business.