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Commercial Bus Accident

Our client was severely injured when a bus employee failed to operate the bus at a safe speed, did not apply brakes in a timely manner and ultimately crashed into a safety pole and building. Our client underwent extensive surgeries. The insurance company did not offer anything before filing a lawsuit. After retaining multiple experts to support our damage claim, filing a lawsuit and aggressively fighting for our client’s interests, our firm successfully settled our client’s case at mediation.


Rear End Collision

Our client was rear ended by a commercial vehicle and required two surgeries for her injuries. The insurance company initially offered nothing, claiming that our client’s injuries were pre-existing conditions not related to the accident.


Motorcycle Accident

Our clients were severely injured following a motorcycle accident on a rural road. Both were hospitalized. Initially, our firm was told that only $200,000 of personal auto insurance proceeds were available. After extensive investigations by our firm and disputing with a potential commercial carrier for months, we were able to receive confirmation for an additional $500,000 of available commercial policy limits, for a combined total of $700,000 for this accident. Our clients’ medical bills exceeded $1,300,000, most of which were paid by our clients’ health insurance that asserted a lien that exceeded the available policy limits.


Failure to Yield Semi-Truck Accident

Our client was travelling in a small sedan on a road with a low speed limit. A semi-truck, after temporarily stopping at a stop sign on a perpendicular road, unexpectedly pulled out in front of our client and caused a substantial collision. The semi-truck driver failed to yield to our client’s right of way since our client did not have a stop sign. Our client was transported to a nearby hospital for an emergency surgery. The insurance company initially denied liability asserting that our client was more at fault. After retaining a suitable expert and much fighting, we successfully overcame the insurance company’s denial and reached a favorable settlement for our client before litigation.


Motorcycle Accident

Our client was injured when a commercial van made an unsafe left turn into a passing motorcyclist and severely injured the motorcyclist. The case went to trial and the jury awarded a verdict in favor of our client.


Work Vehicle Collision

Our client was visiting town from out-of-state for the funeral of a close family member. She never thought she would end up in a tragic accident while away from her home state. After a work pickup truck negligently cut our client off, it resulted in a substantial collision. The extent of our client’s injuries was not immediately known. Rather, after months and months of routine care, she ultimately underwent a back fusion. We successfully negotiated a settlement that our client accepted before litigation.


Freeway Rear End Accident

Our client was travelling northbound on a local, busy freeway. Due to impeding stopped traffic, our client safely and correctly slowed his vehicle. However, the at-fault driver did not take similar precautions and violently struck our client’s vehicle from the rear side. As a result, our client suffered various injuries and missed extensive periods of work. The insurance company initially disputed that such injuries were caused by the accident, and also questioned our client’s lost income claim. After much discussion and negotiation, despite the insurance company’s negative perspective, we successfully negotiated a fair settlement for our client.


T-Bone Non-Commercial Accident

Our client was struck on the passenger side by a distracted driver. Initially, our client's injuries did not appear significant, but her back ultimately required more aggressive care. We settled the case for full policy limits, which resulted in our client paying for all medical bills and receiving approximately $70k in her pocket.


T-Bone Commercial Accident

Our client was struck by a commercial vehicle. He suffered from, among other injuries, fractured ribs, a punctured lung, and a laceration on his left eyebrow. He did not have health insurance. The client accumulated medical expenses that exceeded $42,000.


Red Light Violation Accident

Our client properly entered an intersection and was struck by a distracted driver who ran a red light. Our client injured his shoulder, which required surgical intervention. Although value was initially disputed, our firm was able to obtain all available policy limits, which left our client with more than $60k in his pocket.


Slip-and-Fall Accident

Our client fell on a slippery dock at a reservoir and fractured his leg. The government oversaw the maintenance of the dock, so a claim had to be filed within 6 months of the incident. There were also multiple governmental agencies involved. Client accumulated medical expenses equal to $24,000.


Hit-and-Run Accident

Our client was hit by a vehicle on the freeway, causing our client’s vehicle to spin out of control. The at-fault party illegally fled the scene of the accident. The underinsured motorist carrier initially denied the claim, asserting arguments that our client was at fault. Our client suffered from a knee injury that required surgery.


ATV Accident

Our client had a malfunctioning side-by-side ATV and was required to make a prompt turn in front of another ATV. He was severely injured and hospitalized. Initially, the insurance carrier denied liability and another firm told our soon-to-be client that it was no longer worth pursuing the claim. Our client then found our firm. We spent a lot of time strategizing on his case and ultimately settled for full aggregate policy limits.