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Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

When people discuss back injuries, they are referring to the spinal cord and spinal column. A back injury can happen in a split second and can forever change the way a person experiences life. Back injuries can cause chronic pain or prevent a person from feeling pain or moving. When spinal cord and back injuries happen because of negligence or during an accident, the spinal injury attorneys at Fielding Law protect the rights of those injured.

Fielding Law’s Spine Cord Injury Attorneys Can Help

When drivers, property owners, and other locals fail to use a reasonable amount of care, they can seriously impact the lives of others. At Fielding Law, we pursue claims against negligent and violent individuals to achieve justice and provide our clients with the financial compensation they deserve.

Fielding Law attorneys understand the devastating nature of spinal cord and back injuries. We can help you find local support for your injuries as we relentlessly pursue a claim against those responsible.

Find out more about your right to recovery under state laws. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation with our compassionate personal injury lawyers now.

What are the Most Common Causes of Spinal Cord and Back Injuries?

Some of the most common causes of preventable spinal cord and back injuries include:

  • Car accidents
    • Car, motorcycle, bus, and other motor vehicles can inflict serious damage at any speed. Blunt force trauma, penetration, crushing forces, compression forces, and expansion forces can all damage the spinal column and the spinal cord. Pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists face an increased risk for spinal cord and back injuries, because they do not enjoy the same structural protections as those in enclosed vehicles.
  • Slip and Falls
    • If you land hard on your back or strike an object during a fall, you could sustain any number of back injuries. A fractured vertebrae can create painful bone spurs when it heals. A serious break can completely sever the spinal cord and cause permanent loss injuries. Poor property maintenance often leads to preventable falls.
  • Violence and gunshot wounds
    • Violence is a major problem in major cities. Not all violent encounters result in back injuries, but they can. Stabbing, gunshot wounds, and physical altercations can produce serious spinal cord injuries.

A Brief Overview of Spinal Cord and Back Injuries

Back injuries can affect different areas of the body. Fractures to the spinal column often take weeks or months of bed rest to heal, and they often impact the spinal cord. Physicians categorize spinal cord injuries based on the location of the injury and the amount of damage to the spinal cord.

Complete spinal cord injuries indicate a complete severance and destroy movement and sensation below the injury point. Incomplete injuries only damage part of the spinal cord, resulting in limited mobility and sensation below the injury. The higher the injury, the more severe the symptoms. A complete spinal cord injury near the neck often results in quadriplegia (paralysis of all limbs), while a complete spinal cord injury in the small of the back may result in tetraplegia (paralysis of the lower body).

Paralyzed individuals must change the way they perform basic daily tasks. Some will spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair because of their injuries. Prognoses for incomplete spinal cord injuries vary. Some people will regain movement and sensation in certain places, while others permanently lose them.

If you live in Utah, Texas, Idaho, and Arizona and suffer from spinal cord injuries due to an accident, then let the Salt Lake City spinal cord injury lawyers or the Mesquite spinal cord injury lawyers help you get the compensation you deserve.