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Truck Accident Lawyer Near Me

Truck accidents occur across Texas at an alarming rate. The state is a busy hub for business, with commercial motor vehicles constantly moving on highways and throughout cities. According to a study conducted by Texas A&M, the number of registered vehicles has increased by 172% in recent decades without significant expansion in highway capacity. Mesquite, TX, feels the effects as metro area traffic causes more accidents throughout Dallas and Kaufman counties.

Congested suburban traffic means there’s potential for a devastating event since you are more vulnerable to dangerous drivers. If you are hurt in a crash with a heavy truck, chances are you will suffer a serious injury. Getting legal help after a truck hits you is one of your most important decisions. There are too many unknowns to manage these complex situations without legal representation. If you are looking for an attorney near you in Mesquite, you can count on an experienced attorney at Fielding Law to handle your case.

Why Hire a Mesquite, TX, Truck Accident Attorney?

Finding an attorney in your area significantly benefits you. When discussing your accident, there is a mutual understanding of geography and traffic trouble spots. You can cover legal territory faster in your initial case review because your attorney assesses a claim based on experience practicing truck accident law where you live. These are other important benefits of working with a nearby attorney.

Is Familiar With Resources

Working with a local firm means your lawyer has likely worked with agencies in the area on other cases. Truck accidents often spread debris over a large area because of the force of impact in a crash. While local law enforcement gathers what they can after a collision, they must also get traffic moving again.

It could take an accident reconstruction specialist to recreate what occurred from information collected at the scene. An attorney knows who to call for assistance because they’ve built professional relationships over the years. You want highly knowledgeable specialists who can be called upon to testify on your behalf if a case goes to court.

Knows Local Judicial Procedures

The justice system works like many other systems in that there are specific ways of getting things done that keep cases moving forward. Judges have established ways of conducting legal matters in their courtrooms and expect law firms, juries, plaintiffs and defendants to respect the established orderly process. You want an attorney who is well-informed on procedures. It’s advantageous when the legal system looks favorably at how your case is handled from the start, and a lawyer makes that happen.

Provides Easy Access to Services

Truck accident cases that involve serious personal injury are complex and can take longer to settle. You will communicate regularly with your attorney. Being able to meet at a firm’s office is a bonus. You may need to look over documents or have questions you want to discuss. Having access to a lawyer is a comfort to you at a stressful time. If your injuries require extended hospitalization or rehabilitation or you convalesce at home, your lawyer can come to you.

Has Name Recognition

Firms with good reputations are known in the communities where they practice law. Most people are drawn to local service providers because they feel a sense of trust. You may look for word-of-mouth recommendations and find a neighbor who worked with an area law firm or knows someone who did. Fielding Law is a recognized and respected Mesquite, TX, firm because of our dedication to serving clients in personal injury cases.

How Does a Mesquite, TX, Lawyer Help Your Personal Injury Case?

Hiring a lawyer after a truck accident is critical to the outcome of the case. Texas has led the nation in fatalities from 18-wheeler accidents for more than a decade. One reason is that I-35, a major highway that runs across the state, including Dallas County, is the fifth most dangerous roadway in the nation.

In 2021 data from the Texas Department of Transportation, 126 suspected serious injuries occurred in Dallas County. As defined in the CMV crash report, a suspected serious injury is an incapacitating injury. Truck accidents often result in catastrophic injury or sustained health issues that change lives forever. These are ways a truck accident lawyer helps you.

Expedites the Claims Process

With serious accident cases, the claims process can be convoluted by liability issues. Insurance companies can drag out investigations by quibbling over minor matters as they attempt to find reasons to shift the blame. There is a lot of negotiating time that goes into settling a claim. An attorney keeps the momentum up by quickly addressing issues and assertively keeping the other side in line to protect your rights.

Increases Your Chances of a Recovery

Insurance companies use third-party capture tactics to avoid the scenario they dread most: a just damage recovery. If an insurer contacts you before you have time to seek counsel, this is referred to as a “capture.” They will fight to avoid a payout if you say or do the wrong thing. In many instances, they may propose a lowball settlement to wrap up a claim fast.

If you had minor injuries, lesser compensation might be adequate. However, with most truck accidents, losses and damages far exceed what insurance companies initially offer. An attorney fully investigates the accident and determines fair compensatory damages based on demonstrable economic losses and the pain and suffering you’ve incurred.

Prepares for Trial

Trial preparations are a crucial part of a personal injury lawsuit. Most cases settle outside court, but your attorney is constantly preparing your case as if it will reach trial. Sometimes, negotiations yield no results. When this occurs, the only solution may be litigation. Having everything in order beforehand is the job of a well-organized and capable attorney.

Litigates Your Case

The Mesquite, TX, lawyer you hire should have ample training inside a courtroom. Aside from having the facts on your side, you need a legal professional who knows how to present your case in a convincing way to reach a jury. Litigating cases takes the finesse and quick thinking of a skilled lawyer.

Provides Ongoing Counsel

Most accident victims need a caring and attentive attorney to walk them through the personal injury claims process. Without legal counsel, you cannot be expected to know how personal injury cases work. As decisions are made, it is essential to have a trusted attorney guiding you each step of the way.

Get the Right Lawyer Near You

A carefree day can quickly turn tragic when a careless truck driver barrels into you on a roadway. Fielding Law is the firm to have by your side when the worst happens in a truck accident. You are not alone if you feel scared, confused and frustrated after being harmed by the negligent actions of another driver. Victims often suffer emotional swings about caring for themselves and loved ones and worrying about the future, especially when injuries are incapacitating.

We understand the trauma of crashes and make sure your voice is heard. Insurance companies aggressively pursue you to push for a quick settlement that serves their interests. Hiring a Mesquite, TX, attorney who refuses to back down and protects your rights at every turn is crucial. Clients are our number one priority, and they have direct access to our attorneys. Contact us for a free case evaluation.