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What Happens If A Truck Hits Me in Mesquite, TX?

Traffic collisions can create varying responses among those involved, but they are often overwhelming and traumatic, especially when people get hurt. Truck accidents can be particularly devastating. In 2019, there were approximately 276,491,174 registered vehicles in the U.S., of which nearly 38 million were used for commercial purposes. Commercial trucks made up about 13.74% of the registered vehicles.

That same year, 159,000 of the 2,740,000 people injured (or about 6%) in traffic accidents were in large truck crashes. Though the percentage of people injured in large truck collisions is lower than that of trucks on the road, the consequences of a tractor-trailer crash can be much more severe. If you have an accident with a semi that results in physical injuries, it’s important to know what to expect so you know how to manage the aftermath to get the compensation you deserve.

What To Expect at the Accident Scene

In Texas, anyone involved in a traffic accident that results in injuries or damage to vehicles that leave them inoperable must call the police or 911. You should first check yourself for injuries and then check whether others need help if you can do so safely. Additionally, the law requires vehicle operators to move their cars or trucks out of traffic when possible.

Before First Responders Arrive

When you are physically capable, you can take steps while waiting for the police and paramedics. However, your priority is always your safety. Do not do anything that might cause further harm. If you have serious injuries, staying in your vehicle and not moving may be your best course of action.

Exchange Contact Information

After moving your vehicle and calling 911, you should exchange information with the trucker and other drivers involved. You need to provide the following:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number
  • Insurance information

You will want to collect the same from the other drivers. However, you also need to get the trucker’s employer’s name and address and the truck’s ID number.

If there were any witnesses to the accident, you might want to get their names, phone numbers and email addresses. Though the police will gather that information after they arrive, you want to ensure you have access to it. If you work with a truck accident attorney, the lawyer may wish to talk to witnesses to uncover more facts about your case.

Gathering Evidence

You may want to start gathering evidence at the scene. Take photos of the crash site, showing the position of the vehicles, if you can. If the accident occurs in traffic and you can move your car, you may not have an opportunity to photograph or video the scene safely before moving out of traffic. You can still photograph and video the damage to all vehicles. You can also take footage of skid marks, other objects that you or the truck hit and the surrounding area.

Though it’s sometimes hard to recall the details that led to the crash, you may want to record anything you remember immediately. If your phone allows you to record memos, it’s often the easiest way to document what you recall about the accident.

When Emergency Personnel Arrive

When the police and paramedics arrive at the scene, they begin their truck accident site procedures.

Receiving Aid

Paramedics are often called out to the crash site if an accident involves injuries. No matter how minor or serious you think your injuries are, it’s a good idea to let the medics assess you and render any necessary aid. The insurance companies look for any excuse to lower or deny your settlement, and if you decide to file a lawsuit, the defense attorneys do the same.

You give them leverage by not accepting medical assistance offered at the crash site. They can argue that your injuries must not have been severe if you didn’t need on-site medical help. They may claim that the accident did not cause your injuries.

Investigating the Accident

When the police arrive, they also help ensure everyone is safe and traffic around the site is controlled. Investigating officers begin gathering statements from those involved and witnesses. They also assess the accident site and document damage, weather and road conditions. They often photograph the scene, but you can’t be confident they will or that you will have access to their photos.

What To Expect After the You Leave the Crash Site

You can take a series of steps after you leave the crash site to protect your rights. Following these processes can also help you secure a fair settlement, whether through the insurance company or a legal claim.

Visit the Doctor

Even if you accepted medical assistance at the crash site, when you are in a serious truck accident, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor or visit urgent care. Many potential injuries are hidden, and seemingly minor injuries can grow more severe without treatment.

Furthermore, some common injuries don’t always produce immediate symptoms. Internal bleeding and head injuries may have a slow onset, and it can take several days to weeks before you notice something is wrong. Your doctor will conduct a complete evaluation and may order tests based on the information you provide about the accident.

Any treatment you receive provides evidence and documentation for the physical impacts that the accident caused. In severe crashes, you may need to seek mental health services. Rehabilitation and physical therapy are also often necessary. It’s crucial that you get the assistance you need to get your life back on track and get them as soon as possible.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Contact your insurance provider to let them know you were in a truck accident. If your Texas auto insurance includes personal injury protection, you can file a claim for your injuries, regardless of who was at fault. However, if the tucker hits you, and the driver or the trucking company is liable, you may want to take additional action. If you turned down PIP coverage, and the trucker is at fault, you need to file a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company.

You may quickly hear back from the insurance companies, offering you a settlement. It is in your best interest not to accept the initial offer, as it will most assuredly be for less than you deserve and won’t likely cover all your expenses.

Talk to a Mesquite Truck Accident Lawyer

Mesquite, TX truck accident cases can be complex, and it’s often challenging for victims to navigate the process alone and receive fair compensation. An attorney with the right experience understands the laws unique to the trucking industry and knows how to deal with insurance companies and defense attorneys (if you opt to file a personal injury lawsuit). Your attorney will also:

  • Offer guidance and legal advice
  • Build your case
  • Calculate all damages
  • Negotiate your settlement
  • Complete and file the relevant paperwork
  • Communicate with the other side

If your case does not reach a satisfactory conclusion through negotiations, your attorney sticks with you, representing you all the way through a trial when necessary.

What To Expect When You Work With Fielding Law

Fielding Law truck accident attorneys are dedicated to helping victims get the compensation they deserve. Whether you need help handling the insurance company or filing a lawsuit, you get personalized and professional attention from your Fielding Law legal team. We won’t charge any fees unless you win a settlement, so contact us today to schedule a no-risk, complimentary case review.