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T-bone accident lawyer

T-Bone accidents are one of the most dangerous crashes in America. The sides of vehicles provide much less crumpling room compared to the front and rear, so the risk of severe injury is often far greater. T-bone accidents primarily occur at intersections, but they can also occur when one vehicle spins out of control and collides with another from the side. Regardless of how the accident takes place, you need a T-bone accident attorney to build your case.

Get Help Determining Responsibility

When an accident occurs, law enforcement officers and insurance companies determine who is at fault. The more severe the injuries you suffered in the crash, the less likely you were to document what happened. In some cases, you might suffer head trauma and not recall the accident or the moments leading up to it. This could lead to an undeserved at-fault decision.

A committed T-bone accident attorney can reconstruct the scene to determine what really happened. To do this, the attorney might secure footage from the following sources:

  • Dashcams and social media footage of the accident
  • CCTV camera footage from nearby businesses
  • Black box data in the vehicles
  • Traffic camera footage
  • Witness statements
  • Details of the car damage
  • Photos of the scene

After completing a thorough investigation into what happened, an experienced attorney might even successfully change the at-fault decision. When presented with strong evidence, insurance companies might have no choice but to accept the new information. If they fail to do so, you might have the option to make your case in court.

Get Connected With Top Professionals

Car accident attorneys often have direct lines to some of the most experienced medical professionals in the area. Follow the advice of your doctors and follow through on the recommendations they provide. However, it doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion or pursue additional assistance. Here are some medical services you might need:

  • Physical Therapy: Working with top physical therapists could provide you with the tools you need to overcome your disabilities and regain some independence. It might also help to alleviate pain from your injuries.
  • Mental Health Services: Most people struggle with mental health problems immediately after an accident. If it lasts or worsens, seeking mental health services can go a long way to fighting PTSD, depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.
  • Home Assistance: As you work hard to regain some independence, you might need assistance at home. Home aides can assist with various tasks, ranging from running errands to making meals and dressing you.
  • Surgeons: In some cases, your injuries might be so severe that you require one or several surgeries. The more invasive the procedure, the more likely it is that you want to be in good hands that you can trust.
  • Orthodontist: Losing teeth is fairly common during or after a car crash. An orthodontist and other dental professionals could help you rebuild your smile, so you can enjoy your favorite meals and feel confident.

Leave Negotiating to the Experts

Experienced T-bone accident attorneys know how cases tend to play out, how insurance companies tend to settle and how cases unfold in court. This provides the insights necessary to review the case, determine plausibility, play up key points and secure a maximum payout. As a result, attorneys tend to make much better negotiators for these cases than you would.

Even when you have the skills and experience necessary to tackle negotiations, you might have neither the time, the energy nor the focus. Instead, you might need to concentrate your efforts on the following tasks:

  • Recovering from your injuries
  • Learning to cope with temporary or permanent disabilities
  • Paying for medical bills and other expenses
  • Mourning the loss of loved ones
  • Finding a new vehicle
  • Finding a new source of income
  • Downsizing to adjust to a smaller budget based on lost income

Ideally, your personal injury lawyer secures compensation that covers all your resulting expenses. When accidents involve gross negligence, you might also receive punitive damages that far exceed what you requested. This provides enough money for you to rebuild your life, care for dependents and try experimental treatments.

Reduce the Risk Exponentially

Medical bills and disabilities can lead to financial ruin. Losing the breadwinner or the caretaker in the home can also drastically change the way a household makes money and how much it can earn without neglecting dependents.

Injured persons or wrongful death survivors can reduce this risk by hiring a personal injury attorney. Doing so provides the opportunity to recover compensation, but generally does not include upfront payment.

Reputable personal injury law firms provide free case reviews and do not charge upfront fees. Instead, they reclaim their expenses from a portion of the compensation if or when they win the case. State laws also limit how much attorneys can take, which helps ensure that injured victims do not lose their wins to mounting legal fees.

Win Big in Court

There is no guarantee that hiring even the best personal injury attorney will result in compensation or big wins. However, committed and experienced attorneys leave no stone unturned when seeking solutions. Because these attorneys work on a contingency basis, they have a strong motivation to win the case so you can get paid and they can get paid.

There is also no guarantee that previous successes with other cases will translate into success with yours. Still, it’s a good indicator of a high chance of a positive outcome. At Fielding Law, we have achieved several big wins for our clients that we feel immensely proud of:

  • $1.6 million for a commercial bus accident
  • $1.2 million for a rear-end collision
  • $700,000 for a motorcycle accident
  • $505,000 for a commercial truck accident
  • $495 for a work vehicle collision
  • $347,000 for a freeway rear-end collision

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At Fielding Law, our attorneys have spent decades honing their knowledge and experience in personal injury law to serve clients like you. As auto accident attorneys, we focus our efforts on representing injured persons. Because we don’t represent insurance companies, our clients don’t need to worry about conflicts of interest. They know they are always our number one focus and they enjoy having direct access to our attorneys. Contact us for a free consultation.