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Electric Scooter Injury Statistics

Scooter accident injury lawyers at Fielding Law

Rising gas prices and increasing environmental concerns have people looking for alternative modes of transportation, especially in larger cities. Although the Lone Star State offers public transportation in many areas, electric scooters are rising in popularity. Several cities and college campuses in Texas have various scooter rental companies, making them easily accessible to residents, workers, students and tourists.

As the volume of electric scooter traffic increases, so does the number of scooter accidents. These accidents may cause injuries, and injured victims deserve compensation. Fielding Law can help if you sustained injuries in a scooter accident.

Electric Scooter Injury Statistics

Every accident is unique, producing various injuries with different levels of severity. Researchers recently gathered scooter statistics that highlight some of the associated dangers.

  1. Scooter-related injuries increased by 222% between 2014 and 2018.
  2. 14,651 reported scooter injuries occurred in the U.S. in 2019.
  3. Falls cause 80% of scooter accidents.
  4. 11% of scooter collisions involve objects, while 9% result from motor vehicle collisions.
  5. 60% of scooter injuries involve the head.
  6. 19% of injuries caused by electric scooter accidents are mild, 54% are moderate and 26% are severe.
  7. At least 29 fatalities resulted from e-scooter accidents since 2018.
  8. 5% of these collisions injured pedestrians.
  9. Almost 15% of reported injuries from scooter accidents were broken bones.
  10. 1/3 of the people involved in scooter accidents required medical treatments for injuries in the first 48 hours.
  11. Only one out of 190 scooter riders injured in Austin, TX, during the survey period wore helmets.
  12. 5% of these accidents happened during heavy commute times.

Understanding these risks can encourage riders, pedestrians and drivers to take better precautions and avoid accidents.

Are There Laws Governing Electric Scooter Use?

The definition of electric scooters may vary from state to state. They typically have two narrow wheels and adjustable handlebars. Some have narrow platforms that riders stand on, while others have seats. Low-powered batteries propel these scooters.

In some, no statewide regulations exist, leaving local governments to decide on local statutes. Texas does not have statewide e-scooter laws, but many cities impose restrictions on riders, such as:

  • Operator age requirements
  • Limited hours of legal operation
  • Designated lanes and riding areas
  • Helmet usage
  • Licensing
  • Speed limits

Cities and states make these regulations to protect the safety of e-scooter riders and others sharing the roads. However, everyone doesn’t know about or follow these rules, and scooter accidents injure riders, cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

What Causes Electric Scooter Accidents?

There are several common causes of scooter accidents. Riders, other people and even the weather can be responsible. If someone else’s negligence caused your electric scooter accident, Fielding Law will hold them accountable.


Everyone on Texas streets and roads needs to pay attention to surrounding traffic and do their part to avoid causing harm to others. Distracted driving is a leading cause of motor vehicle collisions, but the same concept also applies to scooter riders, cyclists and pedestrians.

Distractions can cause pedestrians or cyclists to suddenly move in a scooter’s path, causing a collision. Car drivers who aren’t paying attention can hit scooters. Distracted scooter riders may collide with stationary objects or others nearby. Any of these collisions can push people into oncoming traffic, causing further injuries.

Common distractions include:

  • Hands-on smartphone or device usage
  • Drinking, eating and smoking
  • Interacting with other people
  • Daydreaming
  • Rubbernecking

Distractions can delay reaction times, making collisions more likely.

Disregarding Traffic Laws

Electric scooter drivers must follow traffic laws when traveling on Texas streets, along with other local regulations specific to scooters. Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists should also follow traffic laws. Unfortunately, not everyone abides by these laws. Many accidents happen because of:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless or aggressive behavior
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Ignoring traffic signs or signals
  • Improper merging
  • Following too closely

All these actions can cause scooter accident injuries.

Inexperienced Riders

Operating an electric scooter isn’t difficult, but learning how to maneuver safely in crowded areas takes practice. Inexperienced riders may fall or cause collisions that injure themselves and others.

Road and Weather Conditions

Potholes, debris, gravel, cracked pavement and roadway obstacles are typically more dangerous to scooter riders than motorists. Pooled water, snow and ice are slick. The small scooter wheels can quickly lose traction on these surfaces, causing accidents. Poor road conditions can also make cars collide with scooters.

Who Is Liable in Electric Scooter Accidents?

Anyone involved in e-scooter accidents is potentially responsible for causing them. In some cases, multiple parties share fault. Liable parties may include:

  • Scooter riders
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Motorists
  • Government agencies responsible for road maintenance

Electric scooter rental companies may be responsible if they fail to maintain or repair units in their fleet. Scooter or parts manufacturers may share the blame for scooter accidents caused by:

  • Design flaws
  • Battery failures
  • Electrical, mechanical or steering problems
  • Software or computer glitches
  • Faulty brakes

Regardless of who is responsible for causing your electric scooter accident, Fielding Law will fight for your right to compensation for your damages.

What Kinds of Injuries Can Electric Scooter Accidents Cause?

Even though electric scooters can’t go very fast, scooter accidents often cause riders or others to sustain serious injuries. Scooters don’t protect riders from impacts. Riders typically don’t wear helmets, increasing the risk of head injuries. Common injuries usually affect the head, lower and upper extremities and include:

Some electric scooter accidents are fatal, and Fielding Law can help eligible survivors seek compensation.

How Can an Electric Scooter Accident Attorney Help?

Injured accident victims need to focus their efforts on recovery, but there are several tasks to complete in the days and weeks following their accidents. When you hire Fielding Law, we can handle these tasks. We will:

  • Explain your legal options and tell you how much your case is worth
  • Handle accident-related paperwork
  • Perform a thorough accident investigation
  • Gather evidence to prove which parties are at fault
  • Handle all communications with insurance company representatives
  • Negotiate a maximum settlement offer or take your case to trial if necessary

Unfortunately, liable insurance companies typically employ underhanded tactics to avoid paying claims. They might trick you into admitting fault or make unreasonably low settlement offers. You don’t have to hire an attorney to handle your claim, but our clients typically obtain substantially more compensation than people who file claims themselves.

What Compensation Can You Obtain?

Many factors combine to determine the damages you qualify to receive. There’s no such thing as an average settlement amount, but we will advocate for your right to maximum compensation.

Economic Damages

Injured electric scooter accident victims usually face many related costs. Economic damages reimburse you for eligible expenses, such as:

  • Medical treatments, hospital stays, surgeries, therapy, rehab and medications
  • Lost wages due to time missed from work
  • Replacement services
  • Property damage

Severe injuries requiring extensive medical treatments and prolonged time away from work may entitle you to compensation for future costs. Ask your Fielding Law attorney if your case qualifies.

Non-Economic Damages

Electric scooter accidents can have long-term, devastating effects. Non-economic damages compensate injured victims for things like:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Losing the ability to enjoy life
  • Anxiety, depression and PTSD

These conditions affect victims with varying degrees of severity. Generally speaking, people who experience extreme adverse effects receive more compensation. However, insurance companies may balk at paying this category of damages.

Because many of these wounds are internal and invisible, insurance companies may deny valid claims. They might attempt to discredit you, claiming there isn’t proof that these conditions exist. Fortunately, Fielding Law can arrange for examinations by specialists and expert witnesses to testify on your behalf.

Punitive Damages

If the party who caused your accident exhibited gross negligence or malice, courts may award punitive damages as an additional punishment. Few cases qualify for punitive damages; ask your attorney if you are eligible.

What Is Negligence?

Legally, people who travel Texas roadways have a duty of care to act responsibly to avoid harming themselves and others. To prove negligence in an electric scooter accident, your lawyer will show that:

  1. The guilty party owed you a duty of care.
  2. That party breached their duty of care.
  3. The breach caused an accident.
  4. You suffered damages as a direct result.

Your attorney may search police accident reports, accident photos or videos, witness statements and cell phone records to find evidence proving negligence.

Why Should You Choose Fielding Law?

Our attorneys focus on personal injury cases, including electric scooter accidents. That means we know how local court systems and insurance companies operate. We understand the applicable laws. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to win claims. We have won more than $60 million and over 2,500 cases for our satisfied clients.

Contact Fielding Law 24/7 to schedule your free case evaluation by calling (877) 880-4090, using live chat or submitting our online contact form. Our clients are our top priority. You’ll always have direct access to your attorney, and there are no fees unless you win.