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Should I See a Doctor After a Car Accident Even If I Am Not Hurt?

After a major car accident, you may know you should contact the police, head straight to the doctor and file an insurance claim. What about after a minor accident? Car collisions that result in less-severe car damage and a few bruises and scrapes could still require a legal representative’s insights. Learn which moves to make after a small car accident that may have major fallout.

When You May Not Need a Car Accident Lawyer

One vital fact to recognize is that tackling your claim on your own could complicate matters. Rather than try to gather evidence and build your case alone only to hire an attorney later, understand situations in which you may not need a legal representative.

Minor Injuries or No Injuries

When a minor accident results in minor injuries or no injuries at all, you may only need to visit your doctor and file an insurance claim. No matter whether you file a claim with your insurance provider or the other driver’s, the settlement may suffice to repair your car and cover all your medical bills. As long as you feel satisfied with the outcome and do not have lingering health effects from your injuries, you may not need professional help.

Maximum Settlement Amount

If you file a claim through the other driver’s insurance company, it may offer the maximum settlement amount. Every policy has limits, and when the insurance company offers a maximum settlement amount that reaches that limit, you may not have much room to negotiate. If you hire a lawyer and seek more than the policy limit, all extra money you receive comes directly from the other driver, not the insurance company. Depending on the other motorist’s assets and financial reserves, you may not have much luck collecting more than the policy limit.

No-Fault State

Some states do not assign fault in motor vehicle accidents. Drivers who live in these states cannot sue if their injuries do not exceed a specific amount. Depending on geographic location, that amount depends on the cost of treating injuries and the injury itself. Those involved in a car accident must make a claim through their personal injury protection coverage. That said, car accident victims who sustain extensive injuries may consider working with an attorney.

Negotiate With the Adjuster

While insurance companies may offer car accident victims low-ball settlements, some individuals know how to negotiate without legal counsel. Other than negotiating with insurance agents, a person may feel prepared to go to small claims court to make a case.

When You May Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Count on any insurance company you deal with in the aftermath of your minor accident to have legal counsel. For that reason, you may want to work with a legal representative yourself.

Minor Injuries With Major Consequences

One essential reason to always see a doctor after a car accident, no matter how minor, is some injuries have delayed symptoms. What may seem like a minor ache may indicate a major health condition. For that reason, it makes sense to hold off on an insurance company’s initial offer. What seems like a generous offer at first may not amount to much if a lingering headache turns into a severe traumatic brain injury. With a lawyer’s help, car crash victims get help to determine how much long-term medical care they need and how much to seek from the at-fault party.

Other than minor injuries having major consequences, you could qualify for pain and suffering damages. The harm you suffered in the car accident or your injuries may cause you mental or emotional distress. For instance, you could experience anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder or depression connected to the collision.

Serious Injuries

Depending on your health before the car accident, you may suffer major injuries from a minor impact. By turning your case over to a legal professional, you better understand the full range of damages you deserve to recover. Lawyers also know how to negotiate with insurance companies, so their clients recover the settlement they need to make a complete recovery. While your legal advocate goes toe-to-toe with unscrupulous insurance providers, you concentrate on getting better and returning to your day-to-day life.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer Today

Before filing an insurance claim or accepting a settlement offer from an insurance adjuster, speak with an experienced lawyer. At Fielding Law, we make sure all our clients get the support they deserve to protect their legal rights. Schedule a consultation to determine whether it makes sense to work with a lawyer by calling 877-880-4090.