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Ogden, UT Personal Injury Lawyer

The citizens of Ogden, Utah, understand the importance of overcoming hardship. The originals settlers here had to contend with an untamed land, difficult winters, and daily life and death challenges. Although the high-risk conditions of the past are no longer a threat, injuries and accidents can still befall the citizens of Ogden today. 

With the help of Fielding Law, however, a victim of personal injury can meet and prevail over these hardships just as the people of Ogden were able to hurdle the crises of the past. A lawyer with our team can help you overcome the legal stress by helping you get restitution for the damages you require and deserve after you have been injured.

Please call a Fielding Law personal injury lawyer serving the residents of Ogden, UT. Our phone number is (877) 880-4090. You can also fill out our online form to speak with one of our attorneys about your claim and learn how we can assist you as a client. We offer free initial consultations concerning personal injury law. Hablamos Español.

Why It is Important to Have a Utah Personal Injury Attorney

Knowing what and who caused your accident and injury may seem very black and white to you. Unfortunately, though, the responsible parties are likely to minimize or even completely deny their accountability. An insurance company will use many tactics to confuse, discourage, and finally exhaust victims so that they give up in seeking the restitution they deserve. 

This is one reason why it is imperative for you to retain one of the Taylorsville personal injury attorneys at Fielding Law. A lawyer from our firm will be neither confused nor worn out by an obstinate and uncooperative insurance company.

Additionally, there are personal injury cases that are less than straightforward regarding who is to blame. In this situation, it is crucial to have personal injury attorneys handling your case. You can be sure that opposing parties will make every effort to deny accountability and, quite likely, place responsibility on you.

An attorney with our team can identify who is to blame and make it clear from a legal perspective. What’s more, we can fight accountable parties who oppose your attaining justice and a settlement. 

Regardless of whether the blame for your injury case is blatantly obvious or if it is clouded in puzzling details, a lawyer from our firm can help. The personal injury attorneys with our legal team of Fielding Law help the residents of Ogden by using the law to make sure insurance companies make available to you the compensation for damages you deserve and require. This is often achieved for a client by means of a settlement rather than a court decision.

In preparing your claim, our personal injury attorneys can provide you with legal advice and assistance with the following:

  • Accident investigation
  • Consulting with accident reconstruction experts and similar specialists
  • Analyzing medical records in order to describe your injuries fully
  • Negotiating with the insurance company’s adjusters and attorneys
  • Ensuring that your claim is well-founded according to Utah law
  • Notifying, informing, and responding to creditors, collectors, and adjusters
  • Handling all paperwork and phone calls involved in your personal injury claim
  • Representing your interests in court, should your claim require a trial

You can rest assured that your legal interests are our top priority when you have a personal injury attorney from our team representing you. Your and your family’s well-being will not be the priority of the insurance companies that deal with your Ogden personal injury claim. Yet, a lawyer from our law firm can fight to see that your interests are given the attention they deserve by the guilty parties and insurance companies.

Compensation That Victims of Personal Injuries Can Receive

Injuries caused by accidents usually create unexpected medical bills, often of substantial costs. Property can be damaged, destroyed, or lost in an accident. These unanticipated expenditures can be compensated in an Ogden personal injury case. Additionally, the pain and suffering experienced by the victim may be cause for additional compensation.

The extent and intensity of your injuries, as well as their long-term effects on your life, can influence how much restitution you can receive. Our experienced injury attorneys can help you recover the compensation for damages you require. 

You may be able to get compensation to help cover:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost future potential earnings 
  • Past, current, and future hospital bills
  • Medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Counseling
  • Psychiatric help
  • Lifestyle changes 

To accurately ascertain the legal reasons why you can receive compensation and how much you can get, please contact Fielding Law for a free case review with a personal injury lawyer. While you concentrate on your physical recuperation, we can pursue your financial recovery.

Ogden Personal Injury Accidents Requiring Personal Injury Attorneys

Carelessness, inattention, and a lax attitude can cause accidents and serious injuries. The personal injury attorneys with Fielding Law can help ensure that the parties whose negligence harmed you are held liable.

Our personal injury attorneys handle many types of personal injury cases. The following are among the most common for which we provide assistance.

Car accidents

Each year, car accidents continue to be a leading cause of serious injuries and death all around the US. The Ogden, Utah, area experiences these painful situations as well.

Boating accidents

The proximity of Ogden to the Great Salt Lake makes it easy for many people to enjoy recreation on the water in boats. Unfortunately, accidents can occur on the water because of human error and negligence.

Truck accidents

Trucks, because of their size, can make accidents much worse than with regular-sized vehicles. They can leave victims injured with extensive damage.

Motorcycle accidents

Accidents connected to motorcycles can often also result in greater injuries than motor vehicle accidents of average-sized vehicles. As a result of the high speeds and limited protection for a motorcyclist, the potential for intense bodily damage is heightened.

Slip-and-fall accidents

Residents of Ogden are no strangers to ice and snow, and these are common causes of slips and falls that leave victims injured and in need of medical care. However, uneven pavement and unmaintained walkways are also common causes of slip-and-falls. Negligence on the part of a property owner that leads to an accident and injury could qualify a victim for compensation.

Other common causes of personal injury cases that personal injury lawyers can help a client with are:

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of every type of personal injury case that can befall a resident of Ogden, UT. Personal injury lawyers can help you know for sure what type of injury case you have. Contact us and a lawyer with our law firm can provide you with the legal counsel you need after your accident.

Fielding Law Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help Victims Receive Justice

About 150 years ago, the slogan for the City of Ogden was: “You can’t get anywhere without coming to Ogden.” This city was a crucial stepping stone for people confronting and overcoming the challenges of frontier life. 

Similarly, Fielding Law intends to help you get where you need to go in your life. Any lawyer with our legal team can use our collective knowledge of the law to help your life get back on track after a personal injury.

You can reach a Fielding Law personal injury lawyer serving the residents of Ogden, Utah, by calling (877) 880-4090 or filling in our online form to speak with one of our attorneys about your claim. We offer free initial consultations. Hablamos Español.