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Rockwall, TX Personal Injury Lawyer

Rockwall, TX Personal Injury Lawyer

The City of Rockwall, Texas, has more than one claim to fame. Rockwall is also the hometown of professional sports players, actors, and a semi-finalist on The Voice. Yet, the city is especially known for the large, naturally occurring underground rock walls that give the town its unique name.

At Fielding Law, our personal injury law firm also has characteristics that make us notable in our field. The trustworthiness, knowledge, and attentiveness of the personal injury lawyers of Fielding Law set us apart from other law firms. 

We pride ourselves on being the attorneys you can trust. Contact our team today for a free legal consultation. To schedule your appointment, call us 24/7 at (877) 880-4090 or send us a message with a brief description of your case.

You can also read on to find out what types of personal injury cases our law firm handles and how our attorneys work hard to maximize your financial compensation. 

Rely on Our Knowledge of Rockwall, TX Personal Injury Claims

Some large law firms focus on a wide variety of practice areas. In the end, they provide service that reflects a shallow knowledge of numerous types of law. At Fielding Law, we prefer to concentrate on personal injury and car accident cases to ensure that our comprehensive understanding of Texas law addresses our clients’ needs. 

Our skilled team is ready to help you with the following practice areas:

Our elite service includes a free case evaluation to determine your needs and form a practical strategy to meet those needs. During your no-obligation consultation, we can gather relevant information and advise you about your right to monetary compensation for your losses.

Trust Our Lawyers To Maximize Your Compensation

Personal injury accidents, such as car accidents and dog bites, often result in catastrophic losses for those involved. Victims are often hurt, confused, and desperate for a solution. While we understand how you might feel, we hate to see personal injury victims like you make the mistake of accepting unfair, undervalued settlement offers from insurance companies.

The team at Fielding Law wants to prevent people and corporations from taking advantage of the residents of Rockwall. We can help you discover how much your case is worth at no cost. 

Call (877) 880-4090 anytime to learn if you are eligible to win damages, including: 

  • Missed wages: Between doctor’s appointments and recovery time, you might not have been able to work as much as usual. Our dedicated personal injury lawyers want you to get every penny you deserve in lost wages.
  • Loss of future earnings: Some injuries affect your ability to work or earn the same amount of wages as you did before the accident. A Fielding Law attorney can ensure that your claim represents the complete picture of your health, now and in the future.
  • Medical bills: Healthcare treatment, prescription drugs, and aftercare are not cheap. One of the most important things a lawyer can do is win compensation for your medical expenses. The sooner you contact us at Fielding Law, the sooner you can reclaim freedom from worries about your medical debt. 
  • Cost of continuing medical care: Though life would be easier if one visit to the doctor were enough to treat an injury, the process of healing after a trauma is really an ongoing process. Our far-sighted personal injury lawyers diligently pursue compensation for the costs associated with future treatments so that you can make a full recovery.
  • Property losses: Did someone’s negligence damage or destroy your property? You might be entitled to reimbursement for the money you spent to repair or replace your vehicle or other personal property. 
  • Household expenses: After an accident, life at home might change dramatically. You might not be able to do all the household chores you did before you were injured. Our responsible attorneys pursue damages that take your quality of life into account.
  • Pain and suffering: Emotional and physical suffering cannot be measured in dollars and cents, but our Rockwell personal injury team knows that your pain is very real. Our compassionate attorneys seek damages that reflect the unfortunate non-economic losses you experienced using the full extent of the law. 
  • Funeral and burial expenses: Our heart goes out to Rockwall families who lose loved ones in preventable tragedies. Texas law allows close relatives, such as parents, children, and spouses, to receive compensation for qualifying cremation, funeral, and burial expenses.
  • Relationship losses: When a loved one dies, you feel the loss in many ways. Texas personal injury claims can include damages for intangible losses, including loss of companionship, love, and consortium. They can also cover the cost of taking care of services that your family member provided for the family and the loss of his or her financial support. 

Get Your Free Rockwall, TX Case Evaluation Today

All states set a cutoff point for how long you can act on your rights after being wronged in some way. This deadline is called the statute of limitations.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, you must file a claim within 2 years from the date the injury happened. Other types of claims might have shorter deadlines. Either way, it is vital to reach out to our responsive legal team as soon as possible. A personal injury lawyer can inform you of your rights and begin the process that could lead to lasting financial relief for you and your family. 

What if your two years are almost up or have already passed? A qualified accident attorney may get your deadline extended if you meet precise criteria. You can be assured that our lawyers will do everything we can to help you protect your rights under Texas law. 

There is no charge to ask questions about your rights during Fielding Law’s free case evaluations. Complete the consultation request form, call (877) 880-4090 toll-free, or click the “Live Chat” icon you see to get instant answers about your personal injury claim today.

We also serve the following cities: Greenville, Sulphur Springs, Athens, TX, Tyler, Terrell, Heath as well as many locations in Utah like Taylorsville.

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