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Taylorsville Playground Accident Lawyer

Taylorsville Playground Accident Lawyer

When your kids visit a playground, whether at a local park or during recess at school, you expect someone to properly supervised them, that the park equipment will function as the children expect, and that the property will be free of any hazards. Accidents happen every day, and an ice pack and TLC will solve many of the resulting pains. However, some are very serious and may involve faulty equipment, inadequate supervision, and other types of negligence.

Contact an Attorney for Legal Help

The law holds parties such as schools, teachers, and other local organizations who are responsible for the care of children to strict liability standards. An attorney can help you investigate the likelihood of succeeding with a personal injury claim following a playground accident. These incidents may overlap with other areas of law, such as premises liability, products liability, and even wrongful death. Because of this, it is essential that you find an attorney with experience in all these areas should you need legal counsel.

You can find out more about the applicable laws and who may be held liable for a playground accident by contacting Fielding Law. Our compassionate attorneys understand that these cases are extremely nuanced, requiring a careful review of the individuals involved, all evidence presented, the maintenance of the grounds, whether children and adults followed the playground’s rules, and other details pertinent to your case.

Though we all hope and expect that playgrounds are safe places for children to play, accidents do happen. Understand the factors involved in these incidents and when you need to contact an attorney for information about your legal rights.

Playground accidents are common, with over 200,000 children visiting emergency rooms across America annually for injuries that happened there. However, they also tend to be very serious, with approximately half leading to fractures and dislocations, internal bleeding and similar damages, concussions, and even amputations. If such an injury is the result of a school administration’s negligence or an unsafely managed park, you may have legal options at your disposal. A Personal Injury lawyer at Fielding Law will help answer your questions.

The Types of Accidents and the Information Needed for a Personal Injury Claim

Because playgrounds involve children climbing on equipment and running at full speed, accidents (even serious ones) do happen. Some incidents are more than “kids being kids,” and are the result of negligence on the part of an adult supervisor, whoever is in charge of park management, or a product manufacturer in certain cases. Here are some examples of injuries that may warrant legal attention:

  • Burns. Improper surfacing and rubber mats can reach scalding temperatures in the summer and cause serious burns.
  • Lacerations. Park management should remove glass, exposed nails, splintered equipment, and other hazards in a timely manner. If they ignore these dangers, legal action may be necessary following an injury.
  • Falls from height. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that most playground injuries occur on climbing equipment. Improperly maintain monkey bars, ropes, and similar equipment can lead to broken bones and even fatal accidents.
  • Defective equipment. Swings, merry-go-rounds, and any other items on the playground that malfunction under normal use may be the result of a product defect or manufacturing issue.
  • Open and obvious hazards. The maintenance of a playground and park area should include checks for broken bottles, exposed wires, and holes that could cause injury.

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