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Taylorsville Permanent Injury Lawyer

Taylorsville Permanent Injury Lawyer

Plaintiffs in personal injury cases can secure compensation for their losses caused by negligence. These losses are often substantial, and plaintiffs can sue for their medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and property damage. While any injury has the potential to leave long-lasting problems, some injuries result in permanent loss of function, disability, or a diminished quality of life or ability to enjoy life.

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A permanent injury is a very difficult issue to process, and a victim of a permanent injury often faces a difficult recovery and the task of adjusting to a whole new reality and way of life in some cases. Plaintiffs in these situations need attorneys who can provide comprehensive and compassionate legal assistance during a very difficult time.Victims who suffer permanent injuries due to negligence need reliable legal representation to handle their claims and secure just compensation. In many personal injury cases, for example motorcycle hit-and-run crashes, victims will benefit from a Motorcycle accident lawyer to get the compensation they deserve to cover permanent injury medical bills.

The attorneys at Fielding Law have extensive experience handling all types of personal injury claims for clients in the Taylorsville area. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation about your permanent injury claim, and we can let you know what to expect from a lawsuit.

Personal Injury lawyer  at Fielding Law know how devastating a permanent injury can be, and we go to great lengths to help our clients maximize their recoveries after suffering such injuries. Our firm is available 24/7 for questions about the personal injury process in Utah, and we offer direct access to an attorney so you can get started on your claim right away. Our legal fees are on a contingency fee basis, so you do not pay us anything unless you win your case.

Damages in Permanent Injury Accident Lawsuits

Plaintiffs who suffer permanent injuries often secure much more compensation than other plaintiffs with less severe injuries that can heal. A permanent injury will likely influence the rest of the victim’s life, so the justice system afford plaintiffs in such situations to secure the compensation they will need to maintain an acceptable quality of life in the future.

To succeed in any personal injury claim, the plaintiff in the case will need to prove the defendant was negligent and his or her negligence directly caused the plaintiff’s damages. Proving negligence involves showing the court that a defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care, violated that duty, and that failure directly caused the plaintiff’s damages. The plaintiff may only sue for the direct results of the defendant’s negligence and therefore must prove “cause in fact,” or prove his or her losses did not result from some other cause. Damages in permanent accident cases typically include:

  • Medical expenses. The plaintiff can sue for ambulance fees, hospital bills, the cost of necessary restorative procedures, physical therapy, and any other resulting healthcare expenses.
  • Pain and suffering. This may sound difficult to quantify with a monetary figure, but the judge hearing a permanent injury case will assess the extent of the plaintiff’s condition, the doctor’s prognosis, and testimony from expert witnesses to get a more accurate picture of the plaintiff’s emotional distress, physical pain, and psychological suffering resulting from a permanent injury. The judge will then use this information to award an appropriate figure.
  • Lost income. A permanent injury may prevent a plaintiff from working for a long time, or prohibit the employee from working again in the future. The plaintiff can sue for the wages he or she would have reasonably expected to earn in that time.
  • Property damage. If a defendant’s negligence caused damage to the plaintiff’s personal property, the plaintiff can sue for the cost of repairing or replacing those items.

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