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Taylorsville, UT Taxi Accident Lawyer

Fielding Law Taxi Accident Lawyer

When a person suffers injuries and other losses after an accident with another driver, the injured party can seek compensation for his or her damages through a personal injury claim against the other driver at fault for the crash. While this sounds straightforward, many car accident cases are incredibly complicated and become even more so when certain types of drivers cause accidents. If a person suffers an injury while riding in a taxi or a taxi driver hits another car and injures the driver, the question of liability will likely be more complex than typical accidents.

Personal Injury attorneys at Fielding Law want anyone who has suffered injuries in a taxi accident to know their rights and what options for legal recourse are available. Most lawsuits involving taxi drivers will adhere to common carrier law. A “common carrier” is any organization that provides transportation to the public as a paid service. This includes passenger airlines, bus companies, and taxi companies.

Establishing Fault for a Taxi Accident

Depending on the nature of a taxi accident, an injured passenger or other driver will have different requirements for establishing liability in a subsequent lawsuit. If the injured party was a passenger in a taxi and the taxi driver causes an accident, the injured passenger will likely sue the taxi company for the actions of its employee. If the injured party was driving or riding in another vehicle struck by a taxi driver, he or she will also need to file a claim against the taxi company under common carrier law.

After suffering injuries or property damage from a taxi accident, injured parties should act quickly to improve their chances of securing compensation through a lawsuit. It’s also important to start gathering evidence for the subsequent insurance claims.

Utah’s fault laws require drivers to file claims against their own policies after car accidents in most cases. Once their coverage exceeds a certain amount, they can make a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance. If that in turn does not cover the total cost of the injured party’s damages, the injured party can then file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver.

Insurance Issues in Utah

Utah follows a no-fault statute for auto accidents. This means injured drivers must file claims against their own insurance policies for their damages after an accident. Under Utah law, the threshold for medical expense claims is $3,000. If a victim’s injuries exceed that amount, he or she may then file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation for the remainder. If the amount of bodily injury damages is less than $3,000, he or she cannot file suit and must use his or her own insurance coverage for the damages.

Insurance claims in no-fault states like Utah are often complex. The right attorney can help injured plaintiffs handle their first-party claim against their own insurance as well as subsequent claims against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy and personal injury claims. The team at Fielding Law helps clients in Taylorsville in a variety of practice areas. We understand how frustrating and complicated the insurance claims process can be, and we go to great lengths to ensure our clients’ recoveries.

Call our car accident attorneys at Fielding Law to schedule a consultation about your taxi accident claim. We can help you gather the evidence you’ll need to secure compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, property damage, and any long-term or permanent damages resulting from the crash.

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