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Taylorsville Broken Bone Injury Attorney

Taylorsville Broken Bone Injury Attorney

Any injury that deals with enough force can break the bones in the human body. This could be a fall from a height, a slip and fall, a car or boat accident, and any other sufficiently serious event.

A broken bone is extremely painful and always warrants a trip to the hospital. Though many of these injuries happen due to random events or are the result of a risk that a person willingly took (such as playing a sport), other times a person suffers an injury because of someone else’s negligence or because of an equipment defect. In fact, even people who do assume a higher risk and engage in a sport, for example, may still have grounds for a personal injury claim if the negligent part acted in a capacity beyond what people traditionally expect from such a sport.

Areas of Personal Injury Encompassing Broken Bone Injuries

A person who suffers a broken bone may have the right to legal action following a vehicle collision, a motorcycle accidentdog bite or attack, or a slip and fall accident. premises liability laws and even products liability laws may come into effect. This means that what may seem like a straightforward case could prove to be remarkably complex and time consuming. Fielding Law Taylorsville accident attorney will seek a fair compensation to help with your medical bills. If you were struck by a truck driver, you could also get advice from a truck accident lawyer.

How Broken Bones Alter These Legal Claims

Broken bones demonstrate a high degree of physical, mental, and emotional suffering and may lead to long-term damages and additional costs. Here are a few ways broken bones may alter a legal claim:

  • A broken bone is hard evidence that the defendant seriously hurt the plaintiff. You will have access to a variety of medical information that explains the exact severity of the trauma and how long it will take for you to recover.
  • A broken bone may alter your ability to return to work. Depending on your trade, a broken bone may require that your employer make accommodations to reasonably suit your needs or that you take weeks or months off to recover. This transition will be difficult, however, and it may affect your ability to move into a higher position. Moreover, if making these accommodations would be unreasonable for your employer, you may need to find a new career. This is a factor in many personal injury claims, and it is something your attorney should consider.
  • You will have exceptionally high medical bills. Insurance companies must account for the immediate and long-term compensation that you need for your pain and suffering. It is worth consulting an attorney to ensure that any compensation you stand to receive from an insurer is fair.
  • Broken bones may require ongoing physical therapy, and the injury could affect your range of motion or cause chronic pain. In the same way that a broken bone may impact your career, it could be a problem for the rest of your life.

In cases of extreme negligence, your attorney may seek punitive action to compensate you for the damages listed above. This will depend on your unique situation, however, so you will need to speak with an attorney to know exactly how to proceed.

Moving Forward With an Attorney

In the difficult and painful time following a broken bone injury, you need compassionate and dedicated attention with direct access to an attorney. The road ahead will be full of medical bills and prescriptions in addition to personal pain and the challenge of filing a personal injury claim. To facilitate this process, start with a free consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney at Fielding Law.

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