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Taylorsville Commercial or Company Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Fielding Law Company Car Accident Lawyer

Company and commercial vehicles are often used to haul work equipment, transport passengers and goods, or for work-related employee transportation. There are literally thousands of these vehicles on the road daily. When an employee uses a company vehicle, whether a van, truck, bus, or car, and that vehicle is involved in an accident, the driver’s company can be held liable for any injuries or damages that are caused by them.

Have you been in a collision with a company or commercial vehicle? These types of accidents can create a number of losses physically, emotionally, and financially which are difficult for you to receive the just compensation you need. If you were in an accident that involved a corporate vehicle, delivery truck, bus, garbage truck or any other type of commercial vehicle whether large or small, reach out to our team of truck accident lawyers. We will assist you in making sure the correct party is held liable to ensure that you receive the fair compensation you are entitled to.  

Types of Company and Commercial Vehicles

 According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, there were on average over 3,000 accidents associated with heavy trucks involving over 8,000 people each year in Utah between the years 2013 – 2016.  But these heavy trucks are just one type of the many company and commercial vehicles that are involved in accidents each year. You may be wondering if the vehicle you were involved in an accident with is considered a company or commercial vehicle. Here is a list of some of the kinds of vehicles that are included:

  • Semi-trailer trucks, 18-wheelers, and other large trucks
  • Oil trucks
  •  Logging trucks
  •  Concrete trucks
  •  Delivery trucks and vans
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Corporate cars
  • FedEx and UPS trucks
  • Moving trucks and vans
  • Construction company vehicles
  • Mail Carrier Trucks (USPS)
  • Buses, including city or school buses
  • Garbage and dump trucks or street cleaners
  • Utility and repair company trucks or vans
  •  And more

Why Company and Commercial Vehicle Accidents are Complicated

 Commercial and company vehicle accidents are often more complicated than a typical car accident because multiple parties could be found negligent in the wreck. In general, the company of the driver responsible will be liable for the actions of their employees, so long as the employee was acting as an “agent” for the company at the time the accident occurred. In certain cases, both the driver and the company may be held legally responsible. The driver may be held liable if negligence played a role in the accident. For example, if the driver was driving while texting, distracted while behind the wheel, or negligent in some other way. Also, the employer may be liable for:

  • Failure to verify proper certification or licensing
  • Failure to properly train the drivers
  •  Failure to maintain the vehicle
  • Negligence of supervision
  • Negligence in hiring practices

These types of cases can also be extremely detailed and heavily litigated, especially when the company whose vehicle was involved has teams of lawyers on their side. Within a very short time, agents from their insurance companies will begin making efforts that are in the best interest of their companies. Without a doubt, you will want someone doing the same thing for you. The legal team at Fielding Law wants to help you receive more than the bare minimum amount that an insurance company wants to provide. We want to aid you in receiving the most that you deserve and the largest possible settlement that is in your best interest.

 Causes of Company and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

 There are several reasons for commercial vehicle accidents, but usually, one of the following reasons is the primary cause:

  • Human error. This includes any error caused by reckless driving. Regardless of the motive, whether due to pressure by employers or not, the driver may have been hurrying to meet a deadline and tired from too many hours of driving. Or they may have simply been distracted by the radio or their cell phone. Often, accidents occur because the driver has failed to be fully attentive and responsive to their surroundings.
  • Lack of maintenance on the company vehicle. For many companies, their vehicles receive considerable use. As a result of this substantial use, the vehicles need unending maintenance and, consequently, at times, companies ignore these important maintenance needs because of the costs involved with them. Yet, such things as cracked windshields, worn-out brake pads, and similar issues can easily result in terrible accidents.
  • Improper loading of materials. Time, of course, is money, and if a company can limit the number of trips it requires, this will save time and by extension, money. Unfortunately, the result of this thinking can be to put too much cargo in a commercial vehicle to reduce the number of trips to save time and money. The problem is when the overload of cargo shifts in transport and causes the driver to lose control of the vehicle, or the cargo actually falls out of the commercial vehicle. The loading of commercial vehicles requires careful attention and diligence according to the loading laws of commercial vehicles in the state of Utah.

Injuries from Collisions with Company and Commercial Vehicles

 A collision with a commercial or company vehicle may happen for similar reasons as with a typical car accident, but they can potentially be much more serious. What is notably different, at times, is the severity of the injuries in the collision. Frequently, the reason for this is connected to the size of the company vehicle. Often, company vehicles are trucks and large vans. The size of these vehicles, the weight of the loads they carry, and the speed they are going when the collision occurs can create intense and devastating injuries. Obviously, each incident is unique, so the injuries should always be given careful and considerate attention. Some of the resulting injuries from such a collision that can be compensated for in a legal case are:

In addition to these and other injuries suffered, following an accident with a large vehicle such as a company van or truck, you might find that your life has been irreversibly altered from the accident. As a result of the injuries, a permanent change in your employment may be necessary. You may even be unable to work at all. Furthermore, a situation could also include the inability to perform tasks within your own home or participate in common, fun activities as you had before. The emotional anxiety and mental stress that such life changes can bring are also considered damages that can be compensated for in a lawsuit.

Legal Representation Will Help You

 Commercial vehicle accidents can be more complicated to navigate than the Northbound I-15 during morning rush hour traffic. With multiple insurance parties attempting to protect themselves and limit their coverages following an accident, getting the proper compensation you will benefit from and are entitled to can be a monumental challenge when confronting it on your own. Yet, with assistance from a knowledgeable legal team, with an understanding of commercial and company vehicle accidents, you can achieve success in collecting the compensation you deserve.

The legal team at Fielding Law wants to be of assistance to you if you have experienced a commercial vehicle accident. We will help you obtain compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, future income, as well as pain and suffering. Let us lend you a helping hand to aid you in recovering to the fullest extent after your accident. 

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