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Heber City, UT Personal Injury Lawyer

At Fielding Law, we know that experiencing a personal injury is never part of your daily plans. Yet, despite your best efforts to stay safe in Heber City, an accident can occur anywhere at any time. Perhaps, while driving on Main Street, another motorist may hit your car. Or while shopping, you may slip and fall on a freshly mopped wet floor. In fact, in 2018, accidents were the third-leading cause of death in the US. 

It is often found that such accidents could have been avoided. If you or your loved one is injured in or around Heber City due to another’s negligence, don’t deal with the aftermath alone. Fielding Law is here to help. Our attorneys have decades of experience with personal injury law and are here to fight for you so that you can focus on recovering. Call us at (877) 880-4090 for a free consultation.

Our Practice Areas of Personal Injury Law in Heber City, UT 

Personal injury law exists to protect your rights regarding any injury you experience caused by the negligence of someone else. The intent of personal injury law is to restore as much as possible of what the injured person lost and to discourage others from committing the same offense. 

A wide range of areas fall under the umbrella of this law. Some practice areas that our attorneys cover in Heber City include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Premises liability or slip-and-fall: Property owners in Utah have a legal responsibility to maintain a safe environment for visitors. If a visitor is injured due to neglect, the owner could be held liable. This law applies to houses, stores, restaurants, airports, offices, parking lots, and even sidewalks.
  • Auto accidents: In 2018, a person was injured in an auto accident an average of every 20 minutes in Utah. Often, the cause of these accidents is negligent drivers. Some forms of negligence include texting while driving, tailgating, speeding, failing to yield, and driving under the influence of alcohol. 
  • Motorcycle accidents: Many automobile drivers fail to notice or respect a motorcycle on the road. For these reasons and others, statistics show that motorcyclists are 29 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries than car passengers. In 2018, the leading causes of motorcycle collisions in Utah included following too closely, failing to keep in the proper lane, driving too fast for conditions, and exceeding the speed limit. However, it was noted that only 45 percent of motorcyclists contributed any factor to these collisions. 
  • Dog Bites: Each year, more than 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs, with children aged 5 to 9 being the most vulnerable. These attacks can be frightening and usually result in scarring physically and emotionally. Treatment for dog bites can be expensive, but the owner of the dog could be liable for any injuries caused by his or her dog. 
  • Medical malpractice: When a medical professional violates the standard of care, it is considered to be a case of malpractice. Such negligence can result in life-changing injury or death. According to one study, more than 250,000 deaths occur each year in the US due to medical errors, including misdiagnosis, medication errors, and surgical errors. In 2015, there were 15 malpractice lawsuits for every 100,000 people in Utah. 
  • Nursing home abuse: When you can no longer reasonably care for your aged loved one, you may choose to entrust such high-quality care to a nursing home. Unfortunately, in some cases, that trust is betrayed, and abuse occurs whether intentionally or through neglect. Abuse can be emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, or financial. 
  • Wrongful death: Wrongful death occurs when someone is killed by a negligent act (not including self-defense). The loss of a loved one is an extremely painful experience to suffer. The emotional pain may be further compounded when the death was caused by the negligence of another person or organization. Some common causes of wrongful death include defective products, bicycle or pedestrian accidents, and aviation accidents. 

Contact Our Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Heber City, UT

When you experience a personal injury in Wasatch County, you may feel completely overwhelmed by the change in your circumstances. The physical pain, the inability to return to work, and the increasing medical bills can be causing you much distress. Don’t suffer alone. Our lawyers with extensive knowledge of personal injury law can help you get compensation for your losses. 

It only makes sense for the person responsible for your injury to pay for your recovery. The lawyer that you choose to fight for your best interests will be able to maximize that recovery. Let Fielding Law’s personal injury attorneys put their years of legal experience to work for you and get you every penny you deserve. Call us at 877-880-4090. Our consultation is free, and we only collect if you get your compensation.

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