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Taylorsville, UT tailgating accident lawyer

Whether on the highway traveling at top speed or in the city streets stuck in traffic, a vehicle that follows too close behind another vehicle can be extremely dangerous. Riding bumper to bumper causes many accidents every year on Utah roads. Without sufficient distance between the rear driver and the car ahead, it may be impossible to brake safely during an emergency. 

If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident caused by a tailgating driver, you may deserve compensation for the suffering you have experienced. Due to that person’s recklessness, you likely are facing medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more. Yet, there is something that you can do in this situation – contact a Utah personal injury attorney. 

At Fielding Law, we are proud to represent Utah victims of car accidents caused by the reckless behavior of other drivers. We are available 24/7 at 877-880-4090. We offer free initial consultations, with no risk involved. Get the help you need in your Utah tailgating collision by contacting us today.

What is Tailgating?

A common aggressive driving behavior, tailgating is considered to be happening when a driver intentionally follows a car too closely. By not allowing sufficient space between vehicles, a tailgating driver increases the risk of being involved in rear-end collisions. When the vehicle in front needs to brake due to a hazard in the road or to make a turn, the vehicle behind can’t stop in time and crashes into the first car. 

Tailgating is illegal according to Utah law, and yet there are still many drivers who engage in this dangerous behavior. The common reasons for tailgating include:

  • Road rage
  • Being in a hurry
  • Distracted driving
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Trying to merge 
  • Changing lanes

Whatever the reason behind the tailgating which caused your accident, rest assured that you have legal rights. 

At Fielding Law, we know that rear-end collisions can be extremely taxing on an entire family, and we want to help you recover from this ordeal. If you’re ready to start moving on from this accident, give us a call today. A compassionate injury lawyer is waiting to speak with you about your case. 

What to do Immediately After Tailgating Accidents or Rear-End Collisions

After you are involved in tailgating or rear-end accidents, you may be unsure of what to do next or to whom you should speak. By following a few guidelines, you can actually greatly increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve following your accident.

Take the following steps immediately after a tailgating accident, if at all possible:

  1. Call the police. Even if the damage seems minor, it’s important that the police file a report so that there is a record of your accident. 
  2. Seek medical care. You may not feel injured and may wish to just forget about what happened, but getting medical treatment as soon as possible after your accident can make a huge difference down the line when documentation of your injuries is needed. 
  3. Keep from admitting any fault. Whether speaking to the other driver or later to the insurance company, it’s important that you don’t claim any guilt for what happened, thereby decreasing your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve. 
  4. Call a Utah personal injury attorney. Finding a compassionate, dedicated injury law firm to stand beside you through this process is the key to your future. 

After an accident involving tailgating, it’s important that you look out for your best interests. In order to do that, it’s a good idea to consult a rear-end collision accident lawyer in Utah. At Fielding Law, we look out for our clients’ rights and interests as personal injury attorneys you can trust.

What Types of Injuries Are Common in Tailgating Accidents?

In a tailgating collision, especially those at low speeds, the victim may not feel like he or she has suffered any serious medical effects. However, injuries often aren’t apparent until later and can be life-altering even if relatively minor. 

Among the common injuries we see in tailgating or rear-end accidents are:

All of these injuries can lead to serious health consequences for the victim and need to be treated by a qualified medical professional. If you or your loved ones have suffered any of these injuries due to being tailgated by another driver, you shouldn’t have to pay for your treatment from your own pocket. Reckless drivers who break Utah laws and follow other vehicles too closely can be found liable for the damage they cause. 

Whether your injuries are minor or severe, you may have a valid claim on your hands. Don’t let the insurance companies convince you to take a settlement offer that doesn’t even cover your medical bills! Instead, come to the firm where our clients are always our number one focus. 

At Fielding Law, we know you’re facing plenty right now. That’s why we promise that you don’t owe us a dime until we manage to obtain financial recovery for you.

Where to Find a Utah Lawyer Who Cares

After a tailgating accident, you are likely feeling overwhelmed at the thought of the medical bills piling up, missing days off work, and having to repair or replace your vehicle from the damage another person caused. We want you to know that you don’t have to face these challenges alone. With the help of your lawyer, you can hold the reckless driver responsible while still focusing your time and energy on what really matters – your recovery. 

The experienced attorneys at Fielding Law will fight for your right to financial compensation for your injuries and property damage. Insurance companies may try to settle your claim quickly with a lowball offer, but we protect your rights and make sure that you are getting everything that you are entitled to. We do all of this while working on a contingency fee basis, which means there’s no financial risk involved. 

If you or your loved one have been injured by a tailgater, it’s vital that you contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Contact the Utah tailgating collision attorneys who care deeply for our client’s wellbeing. Get your free consultation with Fielding Law by calling 877-880-4090 or filling out our online form to get started.