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Hurt in an Oil Field Accident ?

The oil field industry is a long-standing part of our economy, providing us with the energy resources to power our daily lives, but its occupations also come with their fair share of risks. Oil field accidents can have devastating consequences, from drill pipe drops and rig floor collapses to fiery explosions. 


Are you suffering the painful aftermath of an oil field accident that was not your fault? If so, you have rights and may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Oil companies may shift the blame for accidents onto workers, but you don’t have to tolerate an employer’s denial of your personal injury claim.


With the proper legal representation, you can hold the right parties accountable and seek compensation. To schedule a free case evaluation to discuss the details of your accident, contact the lawyers of Fielding Law today. Call (877) 880-4090 or complete our online contact form.

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Let Us Help You Seek Justice After an Oil Field Accident

At Fielding Law, we believe companies should not be allowed to avoid accountability for their actions. From faulty equipment to inadequate training procedures, whatever the cause, we will strive to uncover the truth behind what caused your accident.


Aside from physical injuries, injured victims may be coping with emotional distress after an oil field accident. Our compassionate attorneys are here as legal advocates and a source of support throughout the process claim.


If you are suffering after an oil field accident, don’t hesitate to contact Fielding Law today. Our team is ready to guide you through every step of your claim and fight fiercely on your behalf. 


Let us handle the legal aspects while you focus on healing and rebuilding your life. Call us today at (877) 880-4090 or complete our online form to schedule a free case evaluation. 



I've never been in this scenario before. I found myself in the hospital after I was involved in a truck accident; I didn't know what to do or how I was going to live, but from the moment I came into the office of Fielding Law Auto Accident Attorneys, they made me feel at ease and cared for. I recommend them to anyone who requires the services of an attorney.


You should work with Fielding Law Auto Accident Attorneys, in my opinion. They looked after my case and I very well. They provided frequent updates, the settlement process moved along quickly, and they stood their ground when it came to negotiating with the insurance provider. I would keep using them if I ever required their services again.


We used Fielding Law Auto Accident Attorneys in our accident case. These guys are knowledgeable and always willing to go to bat for us and our children. It was such a terrible thing that happened to my child by no fault of his own or mine. We were very lucky to have such a great representation to help fight for our baby and what happened to him and all the other little ones involved.


We were unsure of what to do after my wife was involved in a car accident. We probably would have accepted the insurance company's settlement in its entirety. Fielding Law Auto Accident Attorneys, however, were a lifesaver when we contacted them. walked us through every step with ease, put us in touch with helpful doctors, and was able to secure a favorable settlement for us..


Throughout my case, Fielding Law Auto Accident Attorneys were professional, honest, and determined to see it through in the most efficient way possible. They fought for me and my case was a success. If you have been wrongfully injured, I highly advise you to contact Fielding Law Auto Accident Attorneys.


This is the most amazing law firm I could have ever imagined working with! They are as honest as they come, always keep you updated, and do whatever it takes to get you the best possible settlement. I will always recommend Fielding Law to anyone who needs an auto accident attorney. Thank you especially to Brian and Phil they are so kind and truly the best!


Michael and Mitchell are both excellent attorneys who know the ins and outs of personal injury law. And they are dedicated to their clients.


I have seen thousands of lawyers in action, and I can say without reservation that Michael Fielding is one of the best I have come across.


If you’re looking for the right lawyer to represent you, look no further: Mitchell is your guy.


Oilfield Accidents FAQs

What to Do After Being Injured in an Oil Field Accident

Hazardous conditions often surround oil field workers. Every personnel member must be vigilant the moment he or she enters the job site. Sadly, many oil industry workers lose their lives in fatal accidents or suffer injuries each year.


When you have been hurt in an accident through no fault of your own, you rightfully long for justice. Yet, you may be discouraged by your company’s refusal to help you — or their callous attempts to blame you for the accident.


Many oil companies have legal teams trained to protect the company’s best interests – not yours. While protecting the company, these lawyers may question your actions and character or deny you were injured. 


To protect yourself from these tactics, follow these steps:

  • Seek medical attention, even if your injuries seem minor. Doing so will provide proof of your injuries and recovery.
  • Keep a detailed record of your losses and injuries after the incident. Your lawyer can help you gather relevant documentation.
  • Avoid handling the oil company, its legal team, or the insurers alone. Communication with them may hurt your compensation claim.
  • Seek the help of a skilled oil field accident attorney. An attorney can help you gather evidence such as photographs of the scene, statements from witnesses, or other documentation to help your compensation claim. Such meticulous work on your behalf can help you receive a fair settlement.

Do All Oil Field Accidents Require the Help of an Attorney?

The oil field industry is known for its high-risk work environments, and unfortunately, accidents are not uncommon. The nature of the work and equipment involved can lead to catastrophic incidents that cause life-altering harm.


You may wonder, “Does my case require the assistance of a lawyer?” 

Any accident that results in your physical injuries, emotional harm, or other damages should be discussed with a lawyer. The right lawyer can help you seek the maximum compensation for your injury claim.


Oil field accidents range in severity and may include the following incidents:


Due to the highly flammable nature of oil, explosions can happen if there is a spark or ignition source. These explosions can cause catastrophic burns, injuries from flying debris, and even fatalities.



Flammable gasses combined with open flames or sparks also pose a significant fire hazard in the oil field industry. When workers are caught in the way of out-of-control flames, they could be hurt or killed.



Working at heights on an oil rig puts workers at risk of falling. Some common causes of falls are slipping on a floorboard or losing balance while working on elevated platforms. Falls can result in serious head injuries, broken bones, and spinal cord damage.


Equipment failures

Defective machinery or poor maintenance can cause malfunctions. If a worker is operating a machine when it seriously malfunctions, he or she could suffer severe injuries or fatalities. 


Negligent supervision by companies may contribute to poor equipment upkeep. Workers may be struck by falling loads, crushed by heavy machinery, become impaled, or worse.


Chemical exposure

Hazardous chemicals in the oil field industry pose health risks to workers. Such chemicals are especially problematic for workers with pre-existing respiratory problems like asthma. Other workers may develop respiratory problems due to toxic fumes or chemical burns from corrosive liquids.


Caught between equipment

Workers may get caught between or pulled into equipment in tight spaces with heavy machinery operating nearby. When that happens, a worker may suffer excruciating pain, crushed bones, amputations, and more.


Overexertion injuries

The physically demanding nature of work in the oil field industry puts workers at risk for soft tissue injuries. These injuries include torn muscles and tendons, which repetitive movements could cause. 


Lifting heavy objects without proper training techniques can also result in soft-tissue damage.


Other injuries

There are countless other ways workers can get hurt in the oil field industry. From noise levels that cause hearing loss to nerve injury – the risks are vast.

Why Worksite Accidents Happen in the Oil Industry

The oil industry has existed for many years and is heavily regulated throughout most of the United States. Despite the many laws and regulations companies are expected to adhere to, some businesses allow their standards to drop or negligence to occur. 


Negligent employers may choose to ignore worker safety or acknowledge dangerous conditions. Others may pressure hurt workers to keep working, even if a minor injury occurred, disregarding worker safety. As a result, accidents happen, and minor injuries can become significant – or even life-threatening. 


Not all accidents happen because of gross negligence. Some incidents are due to human error, managerial oversight, equipment failure, or other factors. The high pressure and hazardous nature of oil field operations increases the risk of accidents.


Unsafe work conditions also contribute to accidents, such as slips, in the oil field industry. Oil-slicked floors, cluttered paths, and poor weather conditions can all create hazards for workers. 


Another common cause of injury is inadequate training for workers. Inadequate knowledge about safety procedures and protocols can lead to mistakes that result in accidents. 


Additionally, fatigue from long hours and sleep deprivation can impair judgment and increase the likelihood of errors. For example, fatigued driving is a significant cause of crashes for oil workers, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Types of Injuries Resulting From Oil Field Accidents

Due to the nature of the work and equipment used in oil fields, accidents can easily result in catastrophic injury and life-altering harm.


Common oil industry accident injuries are:

  • Burns: Heat injuries can range from first-degree burns caused by contact with hot surfaces or chemicals to more severe second- or third-degree burns resulting from explosions or fires. Burns can be excruciatingly painful and may require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Head injuries: From concussions and skull fractures to facial lacerations, these types of injuries can have long-lasting effects on a person’s physical and cognitive abilities.
  • Neck and back injuries: Neck and back injuries are prevalent in the oil industry due to heavy lifting, repetitive motions, and improper lifting techniques. These types of injuries can result in chronic pain, limited mobility, and even paralysis.
  • Broken bones: Falls from heights or getting caught between equipment can lead to bone fractures that may require surgery or extended periods of immobilization for healing.

Seeking Compensation for Your Injuries

After an oil field incident, victims may suffer physical injuries and emotional trauma. Injured workers may also face financial hardships due to medical expenses, lost wages, and other accident-related costs. 


After being injured in an oil field accident, you could be entitled to a settlement that covers your:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Lost wages or earning capacity
  • Punitive damages in cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct


Obtaining the maximum compensation you deserve can be a complex process. Insurance companies and employers may minimize payouts by shifting blame or downplaying the extent of a victim’s injuries.


Don’t take a chance with your recovery – seek the help of a lawyer who cares about you instead. A skilled lawyer will fight on your behalf against powerful oil corporations and insurance companies who may try to take advantage of your situation.

Choosing the Right Lawyer to Handle Your Injury Claim

If you are seeking compensation for your pain and injuries, you must carefully choose the right attorney to fight for your rights. What should you look for when hiring a lawyer?


Carefully consider the following factors when selecting a lawyer to handle your case:

  • Experience: Hiring an experienced oil field accident lawyer is vital after a tragic work incident. Ensure the lawyer you choose has experience specifically in handling oil field accidents. Your chosen firm should have a track record of success in representing injured clients.
  • Communication: When searching for a lawyer, look for someone who listens attentively to you. He or she should care about your concerns, answer your questions promptly, and keep you informed about the progress of your case.
  • Reputation: You should carefully research reviews or ask for referrals before hiring a lawyer. Doing so will help you gauge the reputation of potential lawyers you are considering hiring. That is why our team at Fielding Law invites you to review testimonials from a few of our satisfied clients.
  • Cost: You should not decide which lawyer to handle based solely on price. Still, price is something that needs consideration. During your first meeting with a firm, discuss upfront fees and potential costs so there are no financial surprises later.


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