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Fielding Law Idaho

Our Idaho Attorneys are standing by to help you through your recovery. 

We focus on auto accident and personal injury cases. Why? Because at Fielding Law, we believe you deserve knowledgeable and experienced lawyers to handle your claim. Our team knows what it takes to get you the settlement or verdict you deserve. If you were in a car, truck, motorcycle or bicycle accident or were otherwise personally injured in Idaho, we are here to help you. Do not delay in contacting the local, experienced and dedicated auto accident and personal injury law firm you can trust. Best of all, because we are confident in our ability to perform, our work is completely FREE unless we win.

For Immediate Help in Idaho, Call: (208) 243-8133

If you have been injured in Utah

Allow our Salt Lake city attorneys to better inform you of the facts surrounding a personal injury claim. To have a successful opportunity to receive compensation for the injuries that you have suffered in your accident would require the act of negligence by another party. Common types of injuries that the lawyers at Fielding Law Salt Lake City are accustomed to seeing the most are broken bones, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, wrongful death, and spinal cord injuries. 

Injuries that take place in Texas

With an office for our attorneys in Mesquite Texas as well, it gives us an even better opportunity to serve those injured to no fault of their own. While seeing the most of our injury claims stemming from car accidents, premises liability, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents. We are very well experienced to provide knowledgeable advice and instill in you the options you may have filing a claim. Don’t wait to contact our Mesquite personal injury lawyers, we are here to help you recover.