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Draper Personal Injury Lawyer

You always have a right to compensation whenever someone else’s negligence leaves you with injuries, and a Draper injury lawyer can help you receive it.

Personal injury lawsuits might be a “buzzword” these days, seeking compensation for a critical injury is not an easy task. If you have been part of an accident leaving you with piles of medical expenses, winning a personal injury case could help you pay for all of your doctor’s visits as well as so much more, including any other costs, such as lost wages.

Regardless of the reason, personal injuries are to blame for trillions of amounts dollars in economic losses each year. Most of the time, any settlements proposed by the responsible party—whether directly or through the insurance company—will be tragically inadequate.

Having the assistance of a proficient Draper personal injury attorney from Fielding Law can be the distinction between receiving nothing and also securing your financial future.

What Defines a Personal Injury Type Case?

While there are numerous types of personal injury cases, it is important to emphasize what makes the personal injury claim valid.

The following instances must be confirmed for you to have reasoning for a case:

  1. The party held responsible “acted unreasonably.” Dependent on the circumstances at hand, this can mean that your employer was unsuccessful to prevent an accident from happening due to their gross negligence, or that an additional driver hit into you while he or she was occupied by texting.
  2. The party held responsible “breached their duty.” Now again, this is on the baises of the relationship between the two parties, as well as whether the responsible party did not hold up their own side of the bargain.
  3. The accountable party’s violation of their duty “resulted in you being harmed.” Harm, vastly defined, can include bodily and psychological pain and suffering, along with harm to one’s own reputation. In layman terms, the harm doesn’t certainly have to be physical.
  4. The accountable party’s actions have caused you financial damages (i.e., you had to pay money out of your own pocket in order to recover from your sustained injuries).

The types of accidents that our Draper personal injury lawyer at Fielding Law can assist you with are vast and wide. It is worth noting that the responsible party can involve an employer, a business, an agency of the government, or also just a private citizen.

If anything else, it’s crucial to remember that the other party you are seeking compensation from must absolutely be responsible and at fault, that you need to be seeking out damage compensation for injuries that were done to your own well being, regardless of if that grasps the form of emotional damage or physical injuries.

Catastrophic Injury Damages

While it may sound simple, it is critical to declare proper damages in the personal injury lawsuit.

The common forms of damages, term being “compensatory damages,” are meant to restore the person’s livelihood to their previous state.

This includes costs incurred due to either of the following:

  • Expenses of Medical treatments
  • Loss Wages
  • Loss of Property
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • The deprivation of enjoyment
  • Lost consortium (meaning loss of companionship and or sexual functions)

If any case is particularly obvious, additional compensation for damages could be awarded to you in what’s defined as punitive damages. These types of damages, which are generally significant, are quite often meant to deliver an expression to the defendant.

Contact a Draper Injury Attorney Today

If you have suffered a critical injury, it is crucial to work with an experienced law firm to be successful in winning in either court, or to settle beforehand. At Fielding Law, you can rest assured knowing that you will be working alongside an experienced lawyer who knows how to get you your maximum compensation.

We offer free initial consultations from our Draper injury lawyers. Serving both English speaking and Spanish speaking clients, Hablamos Español. Call a Draper Utah personal injury lawyer at (801) 666-2912 or simply fill in our online form to speak with one of our attorneys about your claim, and get one step closer to receiving the compensation you are entitled to.