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Which Types of Accidents Are Most Common in Utah?

Posted June 28, 2023 | Personal Injury Blog

  According to the latest statistics from the Utah Department of Public Safety, there were 61,406 motor vehicle accidents in Utah in 2021, causing over 26,437 injuries. Rear-end accidents were the most common type, accounting for 29.47 percent of all collisions. Single-vehicle accidents came a close second with 27.97 percent. Despite these alarming statistics, Utah is one… read more

Where Do Most Vehicle Accidents Happen in Texas?

Posted June 21, 2023 | Personal Injury Blog

Harris County is home to the City of Houston, the most populous county in Texas, and the third most populous in the United States. So it is not surprising that it saw the highest number of accidents – 114,739 – in 2021. This figure represents over 20 percent of all Texas traffic accidents that year. Tragically, one… read more

How To Prepare For Flooding Season In Taylorsville, UT

Posted June 6, 2023 | Personal Injury Blog

Of all the types of natural disasters that occur across the US, flooding is the most common, and the devastating effects are felt by many Utahns each year. Flooding can result in large financial losses, with destroyed personal property and the need for costly housing repairs. However, the biggest losses are when flooding leads to… read more

Fatal Accident On I-30 In Mesquite, TX

Posted May 31, 2023 | Personal Injury Blog

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 17th, 2023, a tragedy occurred. An 18-wheeler truck collided with a pickup truck. Sadly, all the passengers in the pickup truck lost their lives. In the aftermath of tragedies like this one, the families that have lost loved ones are left with deep emotional scars in addition to hefty… read more

What To Do If You Crash On A Highway In Mesquite, TX

Posted May 26, 2023 | Personal Injury Blog

Via Interstate 30, you can find an 18-hole golf course and one of the largest malls in eastern Texas. Meanwhile, US Highway 80 will take you to attractions varying from an escape room to Samuell Farm. These are only a few of the highways of Mesquite, TX, that connect residents and visitors to unique places…. read more

After Hiring Truck Accident Lawyers, Do I Need To Do Anything Else?

Posted April 17, 2023 | Personal Injury Blog

Professional drivers are responsible for maintaining an appropriate license and operating their vehicles safely per federal, state, and local laws. Any failure in these areas could contribute to an accident. The Texas Department of Transportation reported more than 30,000 commercial vehicle accidents in 2021. Of those, 1334 were suspected to be serious, causing 630 fatalities and more… read more

When Should I Get A Lawyer For Car Accidents?

Posted April 3, 2023 | Personal Injury Blog

You cannot plan for a car accident. They happen suddenly, often without warning, and leave victims with a lifetime of consequences. Unfortunately, they are far too common on Texas roadways. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 15,764 serious injury crashes were reported in 2021. These resulted in 19,448 incapacitating injuries. Reports also include 4,489 deaths… read more

Dallas Launches A Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

Posted March 15, 2023 | Personal Injury Blog

The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is a fantastic location with impressive growth and variety. The increasing level of activity can mean higher odds of danger for anyone traveling in the city, including pedestrians. Residents should learn about a new safety action plan that intends to make walking around the city safer. Inhabitants of DFW should… read more

Pedestrians v Cyclists In Texas Accidents

Posted March 8, 2023 | Personal Injury Blog

  Texas pedestrians experience a greater number of accidents than bicyclists. Accidents involving pedestrians are also increasing at a greater rate. According to the most recent numbers provided by the Texas Department of Transportation, pedestrian accidents increased by 9% in 2021 compared to 2020. Cyclists experienced a 4% accident increase in 2021 compared to the previous year…. read more

Will My Car Accident Lawyer Deal With the Insurance Companies for Me?

Posted February 16, 2023 | Personal Injury Blog

Insurance exists to make a person whole after an accident. Families usually pour in premiums with the hopes of having sufficient coverage after an automobile collision. However, insurers do not always have a stellar reputation for offering assistance to claimants. Recent data shows a 47% increase in insurance litigation, partly due to policyholders fighting for rightfully owed… read more