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Will My Car Accident Lawyer Deal With the Insurance Companies for Me?

Posted February 16, 2023 | Personal Injury Blog

Insurance exists to make a person whole after an accident. Families usually pour in premiums with the hopes of having sufficient coverage after an automobile collision.

However, insurers do not always have a stellar reputation for offering assistance to claimants. Recent data shows a 47% increase in insurance litigation, partly due to policyholders fighting for rightfully owed compensation. When trying to deal with an insurance company, the help of an attorney can prove invaluable.

The Danger of Communicating With Insurance Companies

After a car accident, all parties should contact their insurance companies promptly. Doing so allows the firm to start processing a claim and eventually offer compensation. However, before hastily communicating with the insurer, a person should be aware of a few things, such as the insurance company’s goals and how to interact with them when discussing the details of the accident.

Sticking to the Facts

When communicating with an insurance company after a car accident, a person should remain factual and not speculate about who is at fault or the conditions that caused the incident. A person needs only to relay what happened. A company may use any statements about fault or apologies against a claimant. Such information could mean less money or a denial of the claim altogether.

Remembering the Insurance Company’s Goal

The insurance company’s job is to pay as little money as possible in cases to stay profitable. This is fair because some people make false or exaggerated claims. The firm may question details on a claim or push back against certain elements that it believes are not necessary or justifiable.

A person needs concrete proof for claims, such as medical records and repair bills. Such documentation can ensure full compensation for any damages from the accident.

Reviewing Releases and Waivers 

People who sign releases and waivers relinquish rights to sue or seek any further damages beyond agreed-upon amounts between the parties in the collision. The language in these documents can be complex and confusing. A person needs to understand the text before signing, even with one’s own insurance company.

What a Lawyer Can Do

A lawyer is ready to help clients deal with insurance companies and avoid missing out on fair compensation.

Explain the Law

Following a car accident, victims need to know their rights and gain an objective view of the situation to understand how to proceed. A qualified lawyer can provide invaluable advice. The attorney can recognize what legal steps to take and propose various solutions for dealing with insurance companies.

Lawyers can provide realistic direction when vital decisions arise throughout the process because of knowing established precedents. Such information can prevent a person from making a damaging statement or action. Experienced professionals can also spot areas to explore for more significant compensation for the victim’s benefit.

Communicate With the Insurance Company

An experienced attorney will know how to negotiate with the insurer. A claimant may just be another case to a large insurance company. Adjusters and agents have experience asking questions of parties to an accident to uncover any potential faults or liabilities that can lower a payout. A company representative may trip a person up and use recorded information against the individual later to deny or minimize a claim.

A lawyer can speak to the company on a client’s behalf. A firm like Fielding Law that has experience communicating with insurance companies will know what to say and how to say it to avoid incrimination or suggesting any fault. When an insurer counteroffers a claim, an attorney can negotiate effectively for higher amounts.

A lawyer also verifies that all paperwork and documents for the case are in order. This help can ensure a client meets all deadlines and does not miss out on compensation due to a technicality.

Gather Evidence

A lawyer can help a client know which evidence to obtain after an accident. While a person may think they are leaving no stone unturned, some pieces of information can slip through the cracks for someone who does not regularly deal with collisions. Insurance companies will likely ask questions about such evidence. A lawyer can help a person have the appropriate information.

A lawyer also knows how to obtain details from phone records, social media posts and witness statements that can support a case. Sometimes doctors’ offices do not promptly fulfill medical records requests. A lawyer helps a client get needed information on time.

Prove Damages

An insurer or defendant’s legal team will ask probing questions to determine the extent of damages to someone after an accident. An attorney can take the evidence from witnesses, medical bills and other receipts to prove damages and fight any accusations against a plaintiff.

Proving damages can be especially crucial in a no-fault state like Utah, where a victim must meet a $3,000 threshold to request compensation from an at-fault driver.

What To Look for in a Lawyer

Regrettably, some lawyers have the same flaws as impersonal insurance companies, funneling cases through for a quick settlement. Choosing the right firm helps a person fight for every deserved penny.

A lawyer should have sufficient staff to handle less pressing details, allowing the attorney to communicate with clients promptly. A good lawyer also clearly answers a client’s questions and puts the client’s needs first.

A reliable firm inspires confidence. The group should be able to demonstrate numerous wins in car accident cases and a substantial total in recovered damages. One successful firm has won over 2,500 cases and over $60 million for clients, including one case where a victim won over $3 million.

A firm should also have numerous testimonials and recommendations that demonstrate the lawyer will go the extra mile. Prospective clients can check a firm’s website and reviews from other sites to confirm that it has top ratings.

A Law Firm That Has Your Back

Car accident victims need personalized representation and attention on the issues that matter. Fielding Law has the skills to communicate with an insurance company, negotiate a settlement or bring a case to trial. Contact one of our offices for a free case evaluation.

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Text edited by Mitchell Fielding, a personal injury lawyer and partner at Fielding Law. Mitchell is known for his hard work ethic, friendly personality and dedication to the law. You can find out personal injury law offices in Taylorsville, UT and Mesquite, TX.