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13 Food & Drug Recalls You Need to Know About From 2018

Posted September 18, 2018 | Personal Injury Blog

When companies recall products, it can sometimes be for something as simple as a mislabeled product that causes no problems other than customer confusion. Other times, incorrect information and contamination can lead to widespread health issues. To help you stay informed, here are 13 food and drug recalls of which you should be aware:

Performance Dog Raw Pet Food

Bravo Packing, Inc., is recalling its Performance Dog frozen raw pet food due to positive testing for salmonella. The contaminant has the potential to affect both pets and humans who handle the products.

Sarap Asian Fusion Cookies

Sarap Asian Fusion has recalled several flavors of its cookie products, including Miso Milo, Matcha Chocolate, Black Sesame, and Ube Cookies and Cream. The labels do not correctly list all allergen information, including wheat, soy, and milk.

NeoRelief Muscle Cramping and Restlessness Topical Gel

BioLyte Laboratories is recalling its Muscle Cramping and Restlessness Topical Gel due to possible microbial contamination connected to a recall posted by one of BioLyte’s suppliers, King Bio. The recall applies to lot numbers 1138, 1139, 1146, and 1160.

Meijer Taco Seasoning Mix 4.5 oz.

McCormick & Company, Inc., has recalled its Meijer Taco Seasoning Mix due to incorrect allergen information. The product contains milk, which the label does not list.

Pharm D Sterile Compounded Drugs

Pharm D Solutions, LLC, has issued a recall on all sterile drug products dispensed within the last 12 months. The manufacturer has concerns the products may not meet necessary sterility assurance standards.

Steve’s Real Food Pet Food Products

Steve’s Real Food has recalled lots of its Turducken, Quest Emu, and Quest Beef recipes due to potential salmonella and L. Mono contamination. These products can potentially affect both pets that consume the food and humans who prepare it.

SCA Furosemide 100 mg in 0.9% Sodium Chloride 

SCA Pharmaceuticals, LLC, has recalled its Furosemide 100 mg in 0.9% Sodium Chloride products due to visible particulate matter. The products may contain furosemide precipitate, which can affect the level of dosage for those taking the medicine with potentially adverse health effects.

Camber Montelukast Sodium Tablets

Camber Pharmaceuticals, Inc., has recalled one lot of Montelukast Sodium Tablets, USP 10mg due to labeling errors. The products may contain Losartan Potassium Tablets, rather than Montelukast Sodium.

Beaumont Homeopathic Aqueous/Alcohol-Based Medicines

Beaumont Bio Med, Inc., has recalled Homeopathic Aqueous/Alcohol-Based Medicines due to possible microbial contamination. This recall is connected to a recall from a supplier, King Bio.

HelloLife Neuroveen, Respitrol, Thyroveev, and Compulsin

HelloLife, Inc., has recalled four different products: Neuroveen, Respitrol, Thyroveev, and Compulsin. These recalls are due to bacterial contamination. Neuroveen has tested positive for Staphylococcus saprophyticus, while it and Compulsin have both tested positive for Burkholderia cepacia. The other two drugs are pending.

Alcon CyPass Micro-Stent

Alcon has recalled its CyPass Micro-Stent implant for surgical glaucoma due to research into safety concerns for the product. Current versions of the product have led to significant endothelial cell loss in some patients.

CVS Health 12 Hour Sinus Relief Nasal Mist

Product Quest Manufacturing, LLC, has recalled its CVS Health 12 Hour Sinus Relief Nasal Mist due to microbial contamination of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In addition to the CVS product, Product Quest has also chosen to recall other nasal products and baby oral gels manufactured in the same facility.

King Bio Aqueous-Based Products for Human and Animal Use

King Bio has recalled its aqueous-based products for human and animal use due to possible microbial contamination. The contamination is due to possible water purity issues. As a distributor, King Bio’s products are involved in multiple drug products, and the full recall list is available here.

The nature of these recalls means that use of any listed products can result in illness or other health complications. Following appropriate recall instructions is the best way to keep you and your loved ones safe. Consider speaking with an injury attorney if you believe your injury was caused by one of these products.

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Text edited by Mitchell Fielding, a personal injury lawyer and partner at Fielding Law. Mitchell is known for his hard work ethic, friendly personality and dedication to the law. You can find out personal injury law offices in Taylorsville, UT and Mesquite, TX.